Letters - March 3, 2014

SURVIVAL FIGHT Local people are worried what the future holds for Christ the King Social Club
SURVIVAL FIGHT Local people are worried what the future holds for Christ the King Social Club
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Christ the King Club


Two years ago the Layton Institute tried to get planning permission to sell the bowling green for development to keep the club alive.

The council in its wisdom refused, mainly on the grounds that it would lose a ‘community facility’.

Result, the club closed, was sold by the brewery, bowling green gone anyway and is now a pub, open for as long as the new owners decide.

Fast forward to the present day and another social club, Christ The King (CTK), providing many “community facilities” is faced with closure, this time by the council itself.

CTK, in common with almost every other social club in the Fylde, has snooker tables, gaming machines, Sky TV etc, a concert room, bar serving alcoholic drinks and food, and even has its own football team.

These facilities allow for snooker, darts and domino teams, regular bingo 
sessions and other ad hoc entertainment for the community on Grange Park.

In their response the council has offered three alternative venues, The Cherwell Centre, Argosy Day Centre and Horsebridge Road Day Centre.

I understand that none of these venues have a drinks licence, gaming licence, Sky TV etc, or can accommodate the snooker and other social and sporting activities currently enjoyed so are not really 
viable alternatives.

Also, the council state the site is earmarked for development but in reality will it, like the flats above the Chepstow Shops, simply remain boarded up and derelict.

Is it not about time the councillors came into the real world and started to support the people of this town instead of continuing their obsession with the Promenade and pouring millions into the plush new offices for their staff, no doubt with its own built in 
social facilities.

T. Taylor

Alder Grove


Let’s make our own laws

Not Europe

I do not see what we have gained from our long-time membership of the European Union.

The fact is that while we pay £40m each day to be in it, I feel that as a country, we are going down-hill fast.

They take this money while, at the same time telling us what we can and cannot do.

For instance: prisoners must have the vote; we cannot deport criminals; cannot have have a say on our population numbers .

It should be our own Parliament that decides these issues, but the EU is now stronger than our own government at Westminister.

This cannot be right. The EU officials in Strasbourg are taking more and more power away from us and our politicians seem powerless to stand up to them.

The EU is getting bigger and bigger but each country has its own ways and one size does not always fit all. I believe we are letting them take over and we are suffering, as a nation, for this.

Our politicians seem unable or unwilling to stand up for their own people and this cannot help our future.

Surely we should know what is good for our country and what it needs.

Name and address 

Play team of plumbers

Hard work

Eleven part-time plumbers required, approximately three and a half hours a week, willing to play football.

What was good enough for England is good enough for Blackpool FC, all that training and they still can’t win a match.

The only training it took to get Tom Finney match fit was 48 hours of plumbing per week, the rest was down to skills and hard work.

Tom had a proper job, hard work came easy to him.

“That’s the way to do it.” Barry should send his players on a plumbing course, anything for a win.

On a more sombre note sad condolences to our dear friend George Finney, Tom’s nephew.

He has been staying at my wife Beverley’s guest house for the past 20 years.

He would always visit his 
famous Uncle Tom.

He will be here at Easter. He phoned yesterday.

Roger Goodred

Charles Street


Dog cruelly abandoned


I was absolutely horrified when I read the story of the dog ‘dumped and left for dead’ outside the RSPCA home.

What sort of person could let an animal become so ill and then cruelly abandon it? It’s beyond belief.

This story highlights the fact of just how much we need our local caring animal sanctuaries, who rally round and save these unfortunate creatures, as sadly abandoning unwanted pets is becoming increasingly common.

May I remind readers these hard working charities rely solely on the generosity of the general public, they do not 
receive Government funding, so it is vital we support them.

Finally, I would just like to say, if any readers have information about this dog, do not hesitate to call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for Insp Mandi Taylor, as requested by The Gazette. Animal abusers need to be punished for their wicked acts.

Josephine Harwood