Letters - March 29

Police and an ambulance at the scene of the rta on Burn Road yesterday.
Police and an ambulance at the scene of the rta on Burn Road yesterday.
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DURING the tragic events in Cumbria, 999 crews were held back from helping injured and dying people by health and safety rules.

Now they are to be instructed to risk their lives, and the rules are to be amended. This reaction to one isolated example of bureaucratic madness is nothing short of offensive.

Day in day out, in some part of the UK, our brave police, fire, ambulance and lifeboat crews risk life and limb to help the injured, and those in peril. Without any regard to ‘elf and safety’.

No instructions needed, thank you. Just a tad of common sense on the part of the bureaucrats.


Westmorland Avenue


THOSE of us who saw the recent TV documentary of The Human Planet will know how some people have to search for their food, going to great lengths endangering their lives, whether it be in tropical forests or below zero temperatures.

We were shown how most, after taking from their environment to live, actually put something back in return.

How spoilt we are in the West. And it makes you compare their attitude to life, as opposed to ours, when culprits set fire to Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary resulting in creatures being killed.

How much more superior those other races are compared to us, they would never dream or even think of destroying innocent lives unnecessarily.


Ashton Road


I WANT to thank all the people of Blackpool who took part in the 2010 Poppy Appeal, raising £36,500 towards our armed forces.

I would like to say thank you so much to Mecca Bingo, also to John Holt of Houndshill shopping centre, Karl Oyston of Blackpool Football Club for their help and donations, to the Grand Theatre, the Tower, Primark with Cameron Jones standing year after year who has sold thousands of poppies.

To Sainsbury’s at Bispham with Fred and Noreen, George in Marks and Spencers selling poppies, Liz, Pat, Joe, Johnny, Dave, Kathy along with Shirley, Maureen, all our cadets, Ian Coleman, president, who raised £5,000 in the Royal British Legion with his Poppython Show of 20 years.


Poppy Organiser


I AM writing to ask for support for the Fleetwood Friends of Trinity Hospice.

They are a small group of people who are constantly organising fundraising events. The group desperately needs more support.

They meet once a month on a Wednesday night in Fleetwood.

To get involved, contact the chairperson, Joanne Leadbetter on (01253) 874870.

The next fundraiser is a spring fair on Friday, April 8, at 7pm at the United Reformed Church Hall, Dronsfield Road.