Letters - March 28, 2014

Stanley Primary School pupils, L-R Cameron Kilbride, 11, Amy Marsden, 10, Declan Anchors, 11, and Melissa Morrison, 11.
Stanley Primary School pupils, L-R Cameron Kilbride, 11, Amy Marsden, 10, Declan Anchors, 11, and Melissa Morrison, 11.
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School bank accounts


I was surprised to learn Blackpool Council is to deposit £10 into a savings account for each new secondary school pupil.

I give top marks for trying to encourage children to save.

However I hope the £10 has to remain in the account for a certain length of time, as l feel otherwise many will withdraw it at the first opportunity.

Blackpool Council ,being Labour controlled should know better than most that if you have very little in the way of savings, then most things are free, a trend that if Labour become the next elected government will continue.

With so many cutbacks that the council have made due to lack of finance, l feel that the estimated £30,000 each year to fund this idea could be better spent elsewhere.

Jennifer Roberts

Norbreck Road


Cut out meat


Vegetarianism is not a bad but a healthy way of life that is good for you and will help to protect you from obesity, heart disease and diabetes type 2.

It also helps to save animals’ lives and protect the planet because factory farming does not have the animal’s best interests at heart and contributes to global warming and pollution.

If you would like to give it a try but are unsure of how to start, then write to Viva! Health, top suite, 8 York Court, Wilder street, Bristol, BS2 8QH.

This organisation is dedicated to scientifically investigating vegetarian health and nutrition and can provide you with all the advice, literature, and recipes you will need to make the change.

You can check them out on www.vegetarian.org.uk.

So why not do yourself a favour and give it a try.

The only thing you will lose is some weight and the benefits you will gain are numerous.


Moor Park Avenue


Earthquake fears

Our expense

It was quite evident to the 300 plus people attending a recent meeting at Ribby Hall in Wrea Green that ‘shale gas fracking’ is dangerous, unethical and unhealthy.

The regulations did not prevent the man-made earthquakes and tremors experienced and self-regulation is no regulation.

There will be no benefits to the public from the 800 wells in Lancashire as the gas will be used on the ‘open market’, making vast profit, for the companies at the expense of leaving thousands of acres of Lancashire countryside barren and contaminated for decades, and the tourism industry completely decimated.

D. Barker

Pine Crescent


Pensioners’ travel

Helps whole economy

Regarding the changes which mean pensioners from outside Blackpool can no longer travel for free on the trams, the bus pass not only benefits the pensioners, but the whole economy.

Pensioners must have a large disposable income.

The bus pass encourages them to travel and spend, spreading this boost to the economy, across the country.

I would suggest this is a great asset, that far outweighs the so called “loss to transport”.

Kevin Gooder

Clifton Avenue