Letters - March 28, 2013

Snow drifts at Victory Park, Chorley
Snow drifts at Victory Park, Chorley
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MARK Twain said there were: ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’.

He could have added there are also: ‘lies, damned lies and science’ because the current highly unusual cold spell of weather amply supports recent research that has demolished arguments by zealots about global warming.

For over 30 years now statistics have been deliberately massaged to support outrageous and false statements about global warming.

Computer models have been exposed as bogus. Global temperatures have in fact been falling or flattening out.

The cost of the proposed solutions to the ‘threat’ have been shown by economists to be astronomic.

In fact, paradoxically, the proposed solutions are more damaging than the problems they are meant to solve.

For years now we have been subjected to pseudo-science and deliberate scaremongering.

Politicians and many scientists have mutually reinforced an evangelical debate based on false premises and dodgy science. Propaganda and myth have been substituted for facts based on hard evidence.

The real global warming disaster is the obsession with ‘climate change’ – recently the media have begun substituting this term for global warming.

The odds are you are more likely to need an igloo rather than a fan in the future.


Fieldfare Close,


THE proliferation of online pornography is a huge worry. The minds of our offspring are being sullied and warped by this explosion on the internet. What are we going to do about it?

Firstly, remove the child’s computer from the bedroom and position it in the lounge or kitchen, where all can see what is being accessed.

Then make sure their out-of-school hours are filled with hobbies such as sport, swimming, singing and dance lessons.

In a newspaper article, a consultant said he was seeing an epidemic of teenage girls under pressure, with some going towards anorexia, drink or drugs.

One solution, the writer said, was to draft some ‘aunties’ into the daughter’s life, people in their 20s and 30s who are tech-savvy, and could act like guardian angels, following her on Facebook, and tipping off the parents at the first sign of anything worrying.’

There is so much more, these days, to protect our children from, but it is vital.


Whitemoss Avenue,


I AM pleased to read some Blockbuster stores are to remain open on the Fylde coast (Gazette, March 27).

There are many people who still want to hire a film from a shop on their doorstep.

Plus I have always found the staff to be very friendly and helpful so I am glad some of their jobs are being saved.