Letters - March 25, 2013

Blackpool buses.
Blackpool buses.
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WILL there ever be a return to normal bus services to cover the entire length of Dickson Road Blackpool?

Until the summer of 2012 we had a 15 service which provided a half hour service to the town centre and gave a direct route to Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Unfortunately, this service was discontinued. Soon afterwards there was a replacement 22 service provided by a private transport organisation.

When the 22 Line had its route changed in January 2013, some of us residents in the Dickson Road area found ourselves without proper transport altogether.

I have to walk to Warley Road or Pleasant Street to catch any bus at all which is quite some distance especially if you are elderly and disabled.

I wrote to Blackpool Transport about my concerns, and was told, while they understood my difficulties, the 15 Line had to be withdrawn because it wasn’t commercially viable.

I then wrote to the council and had a meeting with my local councillor who agreed to look into the matter.

We are now almost at the end of March 2013 and I have still not received any positive news about public transport in the Dickson Road area.

I know things are difficult during these economic times but surely the needs of Blackpool residents should also be considered.

So please Blackpool Transport let us have a normal bus service.

I am sure it wouldn’t break your finances to restore the 15 bus route and I know many people would be very glad of it.


Dickson Road,


IT is impossible to exaggerate the value of the NHS to us as a nation.

It has become a symbol of our commitment to each other, community involvement in action, socialism for some, Christianity for others, our brother’s keeper for us all.

To dilute its principles, even to contemplate the making of individual profit from someone else’s illness, to depart in any way from delivery of the best of health care to the one who needs it free at the point of use, rationing, handing lucrative aspects of such delivery to private companies – all is anathema to everything we have come to admire and appreciate of our NHS.

There has been too much Treasury-inspired petty charging for prescriptions, for dentistry and eyesight correction over the years; but at least those unfortunate detractions from the guiding principles have been containable.

Now, the whole point of the NHS is in serious doubt as the rise in the health insurance industry demonstrates – a fear by the better off that public health care will continue to be reduced in scope and that the private sector is the better option.

As this premise takes hold, the Exchequer will find it harder to justify universal healthcare from taxation.

The skids will then be well and truly under the NHS.

The Government’s new law for the NHS spells danger. I do hope Gazette readers will pressure opposition parties to commit their front benches to its repeal when the general election campaign gets under way.


Westcliffe Drive,


SO the Tower switches its lights off for one hour to encourage people to save power as part of Earth Hour (Gazette March 22), and yet the Illuminations are going to shine an extra week even though all the holidaymakers have flown.

Surely the Illuminations should have been lit up a week less, then maybe people would begin to get the message.