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Comments: Simon Blackburn
Comments: Simon Blackburn
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I WAS amazed to read of the attack on Simon Blackburn for daring to support his football team (Gazette, March 21).

My daughter was born in Manchester, but has lived in Blackpool for 11 years, and has been brought up to love the banter that comes with supporting a team other than where you live.

Of course certain language is inappropriate, and Simon has apologised. However, I wonder what the real agenda behind this attack is.

We are weeks away from council elections when Blackpool has made national press for the high level of child poverty, some of the worst levels of health in the country and high unemployment.

Yet the Conservative council has deemed it appropriate to give millions to private organisations, while threatening to close essential Sure Start centres, making vital front line practitioners redundant and attacking the most vulnerable.

Simon is one of the hardest working, dedicated councillors, not only for his ward, but for all the people of Blackpool and has been at the forefront of the fight against the devastating cuts.

Blackpool should be proud and pleased Simon is one of our councillors, determined to give people a voice.

One of the great gifts of football is it brings together people from different backgrounds and has been a great unifier across race, gender and social class. Please do not use this beautiful game as something to cause division.


Thornhill Close


Tourists are interested in a museum in Blackpool, having talked to thousands of them over the last 23 years in my hotel.

Blackpool town hall has a wealth of antiques locked up in hidden rooms and basements on the site gathering dust.

Local history and news footage and antiques donated to the people of Blackpool should be put on show, not hidden away in some vault.

This side of our heritage tells the story of Blackpool and would be a welcome addition to our tourism sector.

The empty G.P.O.s on Abingdon Street or Waterloo Road would be a welcome site, even The Winter Gardens. Yet councillors and our so called many tourism experts just act as if they don’t exist.

What a waste of our heritage, just to sit there gathering dust like our many tourism officials. Then again what you don’t experience you just don’t understand.

stanley 60

I really don’t think the Winter Gardens is the right place to display museum items.

We have a fantastic Grundy Art Gallery and Central Library which are far more appropriate a setting.

Instead of trying to cluster everything in one short area of the town, it would have more benefit by stepping out slightly and utilising some of the buildings we already have, that are at the moment so under used.

Besides, you also have to remember that museums are free and so funding should not be coming out of the council tax funds.


My bet is that Manchester will nip in and snatch it from under our noses, like it has with the Super Casino, the party conferences and funding for the tramways.