Letters - March 22, 2013

Work in progress on Blackpool's Talbot Gateway.
Work in progress on Blackpool's Talbot Gateway.
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AS a Blackpool lad and Sandgrown’un, I felt I had to write about the strange things the local council is up to at the moment.

In the period 2005 to present, £2.6m has been spent on the refurbishment of Queenstown flats. Now they are to be demolished.

This is a sinful waste of money when we are being told that we are in a recession and funds are scarce.

Despite the fact Blackpool is unique in that it has a motorway link running into one of the biggest car parks in the UK, we still have no park and ride facility to allow easy access to the town centre (unlike Preston which has been operating this system for years).

While the streets in central Blackpool (Market Street, Coronation Street, Clifton Street etc) are clogged up with buses and us passengers stand in the wind and rain, what was once our bus station is now to be more shops, despite the fact that 100 yards away Talbot Road is a mass of closed down shops which resembles Beirut at its worst. Does this council not know that the pattern of retailing is changing in favour of retail parks and, of course, internet shopping?

And lastly our landmark Talbot Square is now to have a Tesco on the former Yates’s Wine Lodge site. How iconic.


Grange Road


I WAS pleased to read of people being prosecuted for dumping rubbish in the streets and country lanes of Wyre.

I hope that people ringing in Blackpool 477477 have more success than I did.

I rang this number when I saw 16 bags of rubbish, two filthy carpets and a box of broken glass dumped in the street.

I was told it would be removed. I rang again and was again told that it would be removed. I removed the rubbish and found personal papers (benefit application forms etc, personal letters, even photographs) all from a flat in Osborne Road.

The rubbish was not collected. I congratulate Wyre Borough on their efficiency as reported in The Gazette.


Stockydale Road

Marton Moss

THE grand old Blackpool Council

It has 500 men

And all day long they make new roads

Then dig them up again.

And when they are up, they are up

And when they are down, they are down

But when they are full of great big holes

They are neither up nor down.



IT costs a lot of money to advertise products on television and you only get a slot for a few minutes.

Blackpool Illuminations offers a captive audience.

Not only would people look at the advert, how good or clever it was, they would also take in the products.

Now the lights have been going for more than a 100 years, let’s have a new era and get electronic.

I can see mind boggling wizardry adverts taking Blackpool Illuminations into a very exciting next 100 years.

It could open so many doors. Just think if the brand names paid for Blackpool Illuminations it would allow Blackpool Council to spend money elsewhere.


Whittam Avenue


JOHN Lloyd is quoted as saying he has to pay £23 council tax now and then £28 per month thereafter (Gazette March 20).

He should be so lucky!

I am in a low paid job, cannot claim benefits but my initial council tax payment is £118 and then £116 per month thereafter (Band B in Wyre).

Perhaps at last certain people are now in the real world. £28 per month is fantastic value.

Think of the majority paying, and having paid for many, many, many years well over a hundred smackers a month.