Letters - March 21, 2014

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Watson Road junction


It has been my misfortune to navigate the new, useless, traffic control setup at the old Ferodo Bridge.

To those that don’t know, it’s the junction of Watson Road, St Annes Road and Marton Drive.

The Blackpool Unplanning Department has struck again, with a vengeance.

I can’t work out how something that obviously cost a lot of money could be got so wrong.

Now we are told a traffic survey will be carried out, no doubt at great expense.

Probably by the same private consultants that have been used in the past to come up with a solution that surprisingly agrees with the Unplanning Department to do nowt! Also known as the Magic Carpet by the Tower.

Well, there is a simple solution.

Just have the four lines going one a time. Simple. Effective.

Will it happen.... well I’m not holding my breath,

Keith Hallam

First Avenue


Programme was fact

Not trash

A ward councillor wrote concerning the EMRO hearing, “people are too quick to judge Blackpool based on trash television programmes like 999 What’s Your Emergency, and not on facts or experience” (Your Say March 12).

Has it not occurred to this person that this programme was based on fact, and things actually happening at the weekend.

It was not a fictional programme.

This actually was what was happening in the town.

A member of my family was involved and was wired up under their uniform for two weeks, and accompanied by the television people on their shift.

One excerpt did show a section of the public in a bad light.

A young woman was filmed at a cash machine on the day her benefits were paid into her account and boasted she spent over £100 on her night out.

This councillor seemed to be against the EMRO so must condone this excess behaviour.

Years ago, pubs had to cease selling alcohol at 11pm and midnight.

If they wanted to open later they had to have a special licence, and the pubs etc managed to stay in business.

Why do they say they will have to close and make redundancies now when they keep open until 3am.

I wouldn’t have thought keeping open until daybreak would have suited their staff.

In my opinion, opening after 2am is unnecessary and encourages drunken and bad behaviour among young people.

I think the television programme showed what Blackpool is really like at weekends.

No worse than some other resorts on the Costas in Spain perhaps, but definitely not the family resort it used to be.

Name and address 

Vacuum cleaner plea

Messy cats

Has anyone got a vacuum cleaner that can pick up wood based litter which they no longer need?

After many years use ours has finally stopped working.

To make matters worse it coincides with us having the largest number of cats in situ we have ever had .

Many thanks to readers for all your support which is so appreciated.

Christine Ashton

St Annes Cat Rescue

www.cat rescuefylde.co.uk 01253 720357

Treated badly by Aldi


I have known Patrick Morris for over 70 years and I think he was treated in a bad way by Aldi.

You never know, one day poor old Barry Clayton (Your Say March 17) might receive a very big fine himself!

Mrs Jeannette Sharratt


30p is too much to pay

Bus fares

A 30p fare has been suggested for old folk instead of the current free travel.

This has been tried before three or four times.

Pensioners generally have to check their every penny and need to save for food and heating bills.

Of course some have better pensions, but I am talking about the majority for whom even 30p could interfere with their weekly budget calculations.

C.Victor De-Nagy

Gill Court


Drunken behaviour


It is sad to read drunken yobs are spoiling other people’s enjoyment of some of Blackpool’s gardens (Gazette March 20).

Once again, it is the few being allowed to ruin it for everyone else and is another example of the selfish society we live in.

Responsible people are put off using parks because of the anti-social actions of the minority.

I hope the authorities do something about this so everyone can enjoy these gardens once again.

C. Parkinson