Letters - March 21, 2013

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A FRIEND of mine who already has severe health and mobility problems recently suffered yet more trauma, firstly having to have an operation to remove an aggressive and malignant cancer growth, and possibly further chemo, then coming home to find the new council tax demand.

Due to his serious health conditions he is in receipt of ESA and council tax/housing benefit. Last year his council tax benefit was £13.56 per week, this year it has been reduced to £9.76 meaning he has to find an extra £3.80 per week, or £16.46 per month of his ESA benefit to pay it.

No matter how government and councils spin it, this is a real cut in his benefits, a lot more than the derisory one per cent possible increase in benefit payments.

It doesn’t appear to be a lot, but for someone struggling already it is the difference in keeping warm or fed, both vital, especially when recovering from a massive operation.

All in this together? I think not, squeeze the poor and vulnerable until the pips squeak seems to be the order of this appalling government.

Have our vastly overpaid council executives had any sort of pay cut?

No, I didn’t think so.


Harley Road,


IN response to Paul Gaskin (Letters March 14). It’s either parking fees or people in the town - the council needs to realise you cannot have both.

Out of the two it is more important to get bodies into the town.

Halve the parking charges and cancel them after 6pm till 6am the next day, the difference will be staggering.

Also, and we have been lobbying for approximately six years, we need a dependable park and ride. For the life of me, I do not know why this is not in place.

What’s the point of having income from parking fees when the town is like a morgue.

Wake up councillors and get this problem addressed before there is no town centre left to visit.




I WRITE on behalf of a lot of people who have impaired sight.

I have partial sight and some programmes such as Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing have gone on to lots of fancy lighting flashing up and down, dark colours then flashes of bright.

It has become a toss up between Las Vegas and Blackpool Illuminations.

I have always loved these two programmes, but due to all the new lighting, the couples get lost from view. When patterns are across the ice you can’t find the skaters, it is all too busy.

I did write to Points of View about this. Also this must be a costly exercise with all these lighting effects.