Letters - March 21

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WE hear so much these days about health and safety, so I wondered if anyone has looked at the new steps on the Promenade at Cleveleys.

We walked on the Promenade recently and quite a few of the lower steps were covered with pebbles thrown up by the tide.

These steps will be left slippy and dangerous.

I would have thought a hand rail down the centre of the steps was needed.

Who will be responsible if someone is hurt?


Coleridge Avenue


I AM a local resident, and I too am concerned about these proposals for the Whitegate Drive area (Gazette March 14).

My household has four cars and if we are not granted sufficient permits, parking will be a nightmare. I also agree trade will be affected, as I would not use shops I could not park near to.

I love the area as everything is conveniently situated and it is ideal for my grandmother, who lives on the next street too.


Marlborough Road


THE staff at Blackpool PDSA would like to say a huge thankyou to all Blackpool District Beavers.

Not only did they raise a fantastic £173 for the hospital they also donated items.

The children were a credit to Scouting, and staff and Beavers had a fantastic time.


A RECENT Memory Lane article concerning the late John Barry and his group at the Palace Theatre with Tommy Steele as a possible, though so far unconfirmed member of the star-studded cast, jogged a memory for me.

I recall during that very same year my brother Tony, who bore some resemblance to Tommy Steele, reckoned to have spotted him in, of all places, The Pink Elephant nightclub, then situated at the Layton end of George Street.

A couple of days after Tommy’s alleged sighting, Tony (now resident in New York) borrowed a guitar from our younger brother Bill; then somehow persuaded the club’s manager into allowing him to give a rendition of Tommy Steele’s hit Singing The Blues.

This performance seems to have gone down so well, that several young ladies were convinced he was Tommy and demanded his autograph. Tony, ever the showman, duly obliged.

Perhaps a reader may recall this event? If so I would certainly be interested to hear.


Lincoln Road