Letters - March 20, 2014

Tony Benn
Tony Benn
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Labour stalwart


I backed Tony Benn for 
Labour leader and sent him the slogan ‘Benn for Ten’.

I have his letter of thanks.

My brother backed Tony Blair who became Prime Minister and took us into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Benn would never have done that.

Rest in peace Tony Benn.

Roger Goodred

Sunhaven Guest House

Charles Street


Check out health studies

Need proof

Your paper has recently carried some correspondence about the possible health impacts from 
hydraulic fracturing.

In October 2012, our MP Mark Menzies called an adjournment debate in Parliament, and asked that environmental and health impact assessments should be carried out.

It appears that environmental impact assessments are to be done at the two new sites, Little Plumpton and Roseacre, but I have not heard of any baseline health study.

Nor had my GP when I spoke to him a few weeks ago.

So I asked the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) if any such study was planned and, if not, why not?

Their answer in short, is no, none is planned as it is 
“complex to monitor public health”.

So if, in a few years’ time, there is a cluster of unexpected illness, there will be no proof of the cause, no comeback against the shale gas operators, and maybe, more importantly, no incentive for them to change and improve their practices for the future.

Now the DECC also said they “continue to stay abreast of the latest research on health impacts”, and I have just heard “Lancashire County Council is exploring how we assess the health impacts of the unconventional gas extraction as it develops.”

I really do hope they are reading the recent studies from Princeton on low-birth weight babies and the studies from the Colorado School of Public Health which show an increased risk of contracting both acute and chronic illnesses, due to hazardous air emissions near fracking sites.

As Bloomberg comments: “Still, evidence that our demand for cheap energy could be doing irreversible harm to children should be reason for serious pause”



Streets are cleaned

Report it

In response to the reader highlighting concerns about street cleaning in Thornton, I’d like to reassure residents that all streets are cleaned on a regular basis throughout Wyre, along with verges, footways, car parks, promenades and parks.

If a problem develops in a certain location, our area officers will respond quickly to rectify it.

Please report issues in your neighbourhood online at www.wyre.gov.uk/

Lancashire County Council is responsible for road drains and gullies.

Coun Peter Murphy

Cabinet member with 
responsibility for street cleaning at Wyre Council

Still wearing tangerine!

Best town

I’ve been wearing my 
tangerine Blackpool scarf out in the streets all week, and people have kept coming up to me and saying, why are you supporting the Blackpool team?

I said I’m bringing them some luck, they are going to win this time, and they did.

So I shouted after them ‘Glad All Over”.

You don’t get any better 
seaside town than Blackpool

I love it.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road


No need for traffic lights

Not needed

Why do highways authorities insist on putting traffic lights on roundabouts?

It seems to me it is an unnecessary doubling up of traffic management measures.

Any competent driver can negotiate a roundabout without a set of lights directing them.

I mention this because 
last night my journey took 
me across the roundabout where St Walburga’s Road 
adjoins Garstang Road 

The traffic lights have currently been taken down, I don’t know if this is permanent or if they are to be replaced.

The traffic moved much more efficiently without the lights.

This wasn’t peak time, but it made me think, do we 
really need the lights?

Name and address supplied

Well done Lynn


Regarding the Tesco Marton store’s wonderful collection for Diabetes UK.

Can I please bring readers’ attention to the massively hard work done by Lynn Sumner, the Tesco Blackpool Community Champion. Without her tireless efforts none of this would have been acheived.

The Blackpool group of Diabetes UK would like to thank Lynn for the big, big contribution in making all this work.

The group meets every third Wednesday of each month at the Blackpool Centre for Independent Living on Whitegate Drive, starting at 7pm.

Vince McNulty

Diabetes UK Blackpool