Letters - March 20, 2013

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Re the Gazette article (March 16) about the DWP site at Norcross, Labour’s claim of DWP jobs being lost is disingenuous.

The DWP have made it clear that no DWP jobs will be lost but will be transferred to Peel Park and Warbreck Hill.

The idea of designating the site an employment zone would not create one single job but it would stop a mixed development use as the site owners are proposing and so would actually stop new jobs being created.

When a planning application is submitted it will be judged purely on its merits and in line with planning considerations.

What I find absolutely disgraceful is the Labour attitude to potential retail jobs on the site. At a recent Wyre Council meeting a Labour Councillor who is also a civil servant disparagingly dismissed any 
future jobs as only for shelf stackers or check out assistants.

This snobbery about people who get off their backsides and find work is appalling and people should be applauded for doing this not criticised.

Labour’s position seems to be that if you do not work for the state or live off the state then you are a second class citizen.

This Labour view of some sort of Orwellian Utopia is something that most decent people will reject as offensive.


Leader of Wyre Council

When is a station not a station? When the platform is too short for trains to stop at.

Despite warnings, Network Rail shortened the Poulton platform for their own purposes. In so doing they defeat their raison d’etre, which is to deliver an infrastructure of track and stations upon which train operators can stimulate and satisfy demand for rail travel.

Network Rail are trying to confuse us when they say there may be no money in the electrification project to lengthen the platform (Gazette March 14).

Network Rail inherited one of the country’s longest platforms when they took ownership of the railway network. Their Strategic Plan proclaims ‘A better railway for a better Britain’. They can prove that now by it restoring Poulton’s platform to a fully usable length.

Without it, Poulton’s suffering due to Network Rail’s lengthy roadbridge closure will have been in vain.



Blackpool Council is going into debt to create a not-needed car-park.

They are also wasting money on furniture and carried out a ruinous alteration to the promenade roadway, now under repair, creating even more disruption. At the same time they are sacking staff to save money. Something doesn’t make sense here.

Coun (Graham) Cain, you shouldn’t be going into more debt while you are getting rid of staff. The credibility of this council must now be in minus quantities.