Letters - March 19, 2013

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IN April the government’s Health and Social Care Act comes into force, and with it, the potential destruction of the NHS.

It is the culmination of a series of reforms by successive governments, Tories, Labour and now the Con-Dems, that aim to introduce a privatised system of health care, where the market allocates resources, and illness becomes a source of huge profits for ruthless multinational companies.

In essence the Act will end the Government’s duty to provide comprehensive free health care for all, and will also mean the NHS is free from Parliamentary control.

Instead, GP-led Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will control finance, have the freedom to decide who they treat, who provides the treatment, and what is free at the point of delivery.

CCGs will increasingly seek to take on healthy individuals whose needs are minimal, rather than the more vulnerable who would require numerous referrals and expensive care.

With the NHS finance being drastically cut, CCGs will look to restrict the provision of free care, with patients having to take out private medical insurance to access treatment.

In short what we are seeing is the end of the NHS. and the establishment of a US style system, where provision of care is provided by the private sector, with one level for the wealthy and a basic substandard one for the rest of us.

We must demand not just the complete abolition of the Act but the end of all cuts and privatisation in the NHS. Once the NHS has gone, we won’t get it back.


Talbot Road,


I WRITE with thanks and in praise of Phillip Higgs of Classic Bus Northwest.

On Tuesday March 12, I accidentally left a carrier bag containing items of clothing just purchased from a town centre store on board a Catch 22 bus.

When I contacted the bus company, Phillip took my details and assured me he would check the bus for the items when it arrived at the depot.

Not only did he call to tell me he had found my bag, but he personally delivered it to my house that night.

To say I was amazed is an understatement.

I have found Classic Bus Northwest to have friendly staff, reliable services and good value fares.

I only hope more people continue to support this company.


Warbreck Hill Road,


I BOUGHT a 60p miniature caramel filled egg and a Gazette this morning.

I looked at them both and thought which one is the most value for money.

The Gazette of course.

Yet some people are grumbling at the cost of The Gazette.

The newspaper gives us the community news of Blackpool and the surrounding areas, pull out supplements, the letters page to voice opinions and there are lots of other items like local history.


Portland Road,