Letters - March 18, 2016

Poppy appeal, traditional poppies
Poppy appeal, traditional poppies
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Why did work have to be done at night?

How does a Blackpool resident express dissatisfaction when the local council tell a blatant lie? Perhaps a letter to The Gazette is a good place to start.

My husband and I live on Winster Place, opposite the new Harbour Psychiatric Hospital, on Preston New Road. For the last two nights we have been disturbed by contractors re-laying the road outside the hospital, between 11pm and 4am.

The noise has been horrendous, with a JCB type vehicle shaking the surface on to the pavement, a road roller bleeping on and off, and the workmen talking loud.

Yesterday we rang the council to complain, and ask why the work was being done at night. The person we spoke to said the council wasn’t aware of the work being done, and said that any contractors were supposed to contact all local residents to explain the nature of the work, and the time it would be carried out.Obviously this wasn’t done, as we would all have complained.

After a second disturbed night, we spoke directly to the contractors doing the job. We were told the contract had been submitted for the work to be done during the day. The council refused this request, because the work was to be carried out along a bus route, and said the work had to be done at night.

So the council lied when we made our original call, they were blaming the contractors for not informing us, and they were the ones who insisted the work was done at night.

Why could the buses not be diverted for just one day?Another solution would have been to put a temporary bus stop further along Preston New Road. We have plenty of those around the town.

Fortunately my husband and I are both retired, and can have a lie-in, but it is unfortunate for people who have to be up early for work. The poor psychiatric patients must have wondered what was going on the last two nights.

I think it is ironic Blackpool Council’s email address is customer.first@blackpool.gov.uk – what a shame this does not appear to apply to residents who pay council tax.

Geraldine Hayes

Winster Place



I’ll just leave green waste in the gutter

I am an OAP, a lifelong resident of Blackpool. I have a garden and a greenhouse, so therefore, my green bin is full on a regular basis.

I do not have the means to take green refuse to Bristol Avenue, so what would you like me to do with garden refuse – leave it in the gutter hoping that some nice person will dispose of it for me?

H Colville

Sawley Avenue

South Shore


We will be a free country again

It is now over 40 years that we have had dictats from Brussels. It is time we got our own say with full facts and do not listen to fairytale stories from the stay inside. Their story is unbalanced, uncertain and mostly dogmatic. Certainly not in our interest.

Of course, it is easy to stay and do everything as before, and do what Brussels want and forget that we have an independent supreme parliament and laws of this country. What is sure is that Britain would be economically better off outside of the EU.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove predict that we again will be a free and independent country.

C Victor De Nagy

Gill Court

South Shore


Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough

Last Friday, my deputy organiser Paul Binns and myself hosted a Thank You Night for the wonderful volunteers who together raised £27,500 for our area of Blackpool during the 2015 Poppy Appeal.

Each of my volunteers are so special in their dedication to this annual appeal, from individuals to my splendid Cadets from 2454 Squadron , Bispham, and T/S Penelope, Bispham. I am humbled by their willing and enthusiastic participation in the appeal.

It would be remiss not to mention the school, shops, hotels and organisations who willingly accept boxes of poppies and collecting tins into their establishments. These are an integral part of our appeal, so thank-you all – you are amazing.

Our magnificent total, put together with monies from central Blackpool, a donation from Blackpool Football Club and a donation from a “poppython” realized a final amount of over £41,000.

Special thanks must go to John Barnett MBE DL, who presented the certificates of appreciation, and spent time speaking with each of the volunteers, despite a pressing family occasion at home.

Thank you, too, to Decca and Eileen Taylor at the Guards Club, who made us so welcome as we celebrated our hugely successful Poppy Appeal 2015.

Liz Clayton

Joint Poppy Appeal Organiser

PCBO1 Appeal Area, Blackpool