Letters - March 18, 2013

Traffic outside the Tower
Traffic outside the Tower
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DAY after day I read letters and articles about the plight of motorists on the Promenade.

I am a motorist but also frequently use my feet as well.

The situation now is that it’s virtually impossible to cross the Promenade, and now I read that the crossing in front of the Tower is being put on hold.

How will the tourists cope when the season starts?

The motorists also appear very aggressive when you try and cross, and don’t slow down for you.

OK everyone wants their beloved four lane motorway back, but it’s not very tourist friendly.

I am originally from London but now love living in Blackpool.

In London if you find yourself in a traffic jam you find another route, which is what I do here in Blackpool.

I can get from South Shore to Fleetwood in about 40 minutes, and I go nowhere near the Promenade.

I avoid it because of the traffic.

So much has been put into making the Promenade somewhere to be proud of, let’s not spoil it by filling it with the “motorway” that used to be there.


South Shore,


PROMENADE congestion? Sharing may help

I was recently in Amsterdam, where buses taxies and emergency service vehicles share sections of the two lane road called tram tracks.

In Blackpool even in the peak season the trams only pass about every 10 minutes in each direction (which is a very long time of non-use of a road), giving plenty of time for a suitably timed bus service on the same track/road.

Don’t get me wrong, Amsterdam has had its problems over the years, and I can understand the fears of sharing the space with pedestrians on the tracks, roads and so-called pedestrian areas, but this sharing already happens in Blackpool to some degree as in many other UK cities.

But given the will, foresight and commitment it is possible to make it work at a small cost as the road already exists.

Eventually regulated taxi companies may also be allowed to use the same, having seen it in practice a taxi on the track stuck behind a tram or bus simply waits for the tram or bus to move off as they know that the tram has ultimate priority.

I am sure they would respect the privilege they were given in the circumstances.



ON March 7, I attended the local area PACT meeting at Grange Park Junior School hoping to put some concerns to the ward councillors.

As no councillor was present, I asked if they would be attending but was informed neither of them comes to these meetings.

As I understood these meetings are for residents to both obtain information and show any local concerns, I feel this would provide the councillor with an ideal opportunity for meeting constituents.

No doubt when the next local elections come round, they will be more in evidence.


Poulton Road,


THE outcome of the Falklands Islands referendum has sent a clear message to Argentina.

The resounding referendum result should surely put an end to Argentina’s frankly arrogant and unfounded claims over the Falkland Islands.

The citizens of the Falklands have a right to self-determination and they have quite clearly told the world that they wish to remain British, 99.8 per cent backed Britain.

Never before has the voice of democracy shouted so loud.

If Argentina refuses to accept the result of this referendum then the world will be watching and judging.


UKIP North West MEP

EACH year the Lancs and Yorks Historical Society organises pilgrimages to the battlefields of the First World War in August and September, covering France and Belgium.

This year we plan to visit the Somme Battlefields and the Ypres salient, and can also visit the battlefields of Arras Vimy Ridge and Loos, if these are requested.

The trip specialises in visiting specific cemeteries or memorials and an experienced battlefield guide will accompany each trip.

The Historical Society was formed as a charitable hobby in 1990 by ex-servicemen who have many years of practical experience in conducting visits to the battle areas of France and Flanders, and we support a variety of ex-service charities and institutions.

These trips are open to anyone and we welcome all inquiries.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. Call 01977 734 614 for details.


Rhodes Street,