Letters - March 16, 2015

Cyclist on the pavement in Fleetwood
Cyclist on the pavement in Fleetwood
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Fixed notices

A recent letter highlighted yet again the serious concerns to pedestrians, especially the blind and visually impaired, about the inconsiderate attitude of those selfish people who continually ride their bikes on the pavement.

I don’t call them cyclists because a true cyclist always stays on the road and follows the Highway Code as well as the law.

The problem is often raised at local police and community forums, and the usual noises are made about issuing fixed penalty notices etc by those who could actually resolve this problem, ie the police and local authority.

How many of these fixed penalty notices have actually been implemented in the last 12 months because the problem continues to get worse?

If these pavement bike riders complain the roads are too dangerous for them then they should walk rather than ride on the pavement.

Will those who have the authority to do so clamp down on these persistent law breakers?



Blind Society Volunteer



I am aged 82 and because I do plenty of walking, the following happens most regularly.

A couple of days ago a cyclist brushed against my shoulder on the pavement.

His reaction was to swear at me.

The police, I am sure, are aware of these kind of incidents but they won’t do a thing.

J.H. van Grinsven

Stony Hill Avenue




Yesterday evening, I was appalled and disgusted at the sight of a scrum of people at the Blackpool Tesco Superstore fighting and jostling over each other as they tried to secure for themselves packets of reduced price vegetables.

Have we really reached such desperate times? There was a real risk of injury in what was taking place.

Should not Tesco deploy security staff to govern the delivery of the reduced items to the shelves and also, because this is a regular occurrence, should Tesco not consider staggering the release times for these items in order to prevent this disgraceful and dangerous activity from taking place?

Name and address supplied



On Friday, February 6, thousands of people around the UK took part in ‘Wear it Beat it’ for the British Heart Foundation and joined us this Heart Month in the fight for every heartbeat.

Our annual fund-raising campaign was an opportunity to urge the UK to raise money to continue to fund the vital research needed to fight heart disease.

We were not disappointed– we saw people across the North West fund-raise by wearing red and hosting a red themed event in support of us.

So I’d like to extend a big red thank you!

We are hugely grateful for the funds raised so far, which will go towards supporting the 2.3 million people in the UK currently living with coronary heart disease.

If you took part and still need to pay in your donations, please visit bhf.org.uk/pay-in or phone us on 0300 330 0645. Every penny raised makes a huge difference.

For more information about ‘Wear it. Beat it.’ or donate please visit bhf.org.uk/red

Chrish Perera

Regional Head of Volunteer Fundraising, North West

British Heart Foundation



Thank you for the support we received on March 7 at St Christopher’s Church coffee morning to raise funds for two pensioners committees.

This was to help with the voluntary work they do which enables some of our older people to get out and enjoy a social afternoon that many of them would not otherwise be able to do, perhaps because they are alone or for one reason or another have no other company.

I chair the Old Peoples Welfare Committee and I am full of admiration for what these people do.

We raised £115 for each committee.

It was a real old-fashioned coffee morning with home-made jams, cakes, pies , soups and tea and coffee.

Thank you to all my usual helpers.

I might be the Pied Piper but where would I be without my little mice.

Coun Lily 

Highfield ward



Preston Crown Court was evacuated because a girl smoked in the cells (Gazette, March 11).

How did she get smoking material into the cells in the first place, was she not searched? Surely that is the normal procedure? She could have been carrying anything.

One thing that anyone sent to prison for illegally smoking can look forward to is a fag, as prisons are the only public buildings where smoking is allowed.

Keith Hallam

By email