Letters - March 16, 2012

Woman on computer with credit card
Woman on computer with credit card
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I HAVE read in The Gazette about older people being encouraged to get on line.

Wonderful, but let me tell you about something that happened to me last week. I received a telephone call which I thought was a cold call and was about to put the receiver down when the person referred to Microsoft and there was a problem concerning a virus on my computer.

I was asked to switch on my computer and the caller said he was transferring me to a technical adviser, who quickly took over my computer and proceeded to go through a lengthy process of ridding my system of the so-called virus, while keeping up a continuous telephone commentary saying how badly infected my computer was.

All this was absolutely free.

To cut a long story short, when I was asked to take out an extended warranty, at a price of course, I began to smell a rat. When I pressed for more information about the legitimacy of the call it turned out not be from Microsoft at all, and when I made it clear I would not be taking out an extended warranty the procedure quickly came to a conclusion.

The whole thing was a scam with the obvious intention of gaining access to bank details. I have since learned that this is not an uncommon internet scam.

So, all you new silver surfers, if you ever receive such a call don’t think twice – put the phone down.


I WOULD like to congratulate Fleetwood Same Day Health Unit.

I rang for advice on Sunday afternoon and was given an appointment within the hour.

I needed to go back the next day and was treated with the utmost efficiency, courtesy and care on both days.

Thanks to the doctor and nurses who were fantastic, I even received a phone call the following Thursday to check everything was OK – how’s that for service?

Quite wonderful I’d say.


Occupation Lane


I AGREE wholeheartedly with Andrew Sime re irresponsible dog walkers (Gazette Letters, March 7).

Bibbys Road, Bispham, is also a serious problem due to the fact that the school gate opens up on to Bibbys, and this is the regular entry and exit for the pupils.

Young mothers have complained of having to disinfect their pram wheels before entering their home.

The council does a good job of clearing everything in sight.

Unfortunately the fouling starts almost immediately.

The dog warden does not have the resources to patrol regularly and we are all aware of the council cutbacks, but hefty fines would soon cover the cost of a CCTV camera, surely.


Normandie Avenue