Letters - March 16

Funny: George Johnson (right) with a stallholder
Funny: George Johnson (right) with a stallholder
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I WOULD like to pay a tribute to a marvellous man whom I would call Mr Blackpool.

Mr Johnson, who ran the haberdashers in Bond Street, recently died. I met him many years ago and never forgot him. He was so quirky, humorous, sometimes aggressively funny, but such was his character and intelligence that we had great enlivening conversations.

Plus his shop really was an Aladdin’s cave! One could find wool from years ago, all sorts of stuff long forgotten and I could find anything I ever wanted. He was an outrageous flirt – but never coarse or rude.

I made him a card after I’d first met him, and wrote in it “one enters your shop a customer and leaves as a friend”. He was truly a unique character.



I UNDERSTAND Blackpool needs to invest and promote tourism to bring money in, but what I can’t understand is that Blackpool also has, or had, a manufacturing, production, engineering and construction industry as well.

There are now a lot of people out of work in Blackpool, through no fault of their own.

Many may not have skills in office, retail or tourism work, but are skilled manual workers, so you would think with all this work being carried out in Blackpool at the moment these people would have no problem finding work, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as all these contracts seem to have gone to firms outside Blackpool.

Blackpool had its own structural steel firm, which went into adminastration in January, leaving 50 skilled workers out of work. You would have thought these workers would have been snapped up by the handful of steel firms left in Blackpool.

By rights, these firms should be flooded with work due to all the structural steel needed to build the new schools at Highfield and St Mary’s, and for the second phase of Talbot Gateway, but again the contracts have been awarded to steel firms beyond Blackpool.

What happened to keeping the work in Blackpool to save people’s jobs?


WE would like to thank the students of Blackpool and the Fylde College, Palatine Campus, who organised The Blackpool Fashion Show at the Winter Gardens in aid of Breast Cancer Research.

We experienced what it must be like to attend London Fashion Week, with a glass of champagne on arrival and goody bags to take home.


South Shore

Glass menace

WHEN are councils going to clear up all the broken glass that litters the sand hills at Squires Gate?

It’s a miracle more children and dogs haven’t cut their feet on it.

Perhaps the council might give us an answer.


Lincoln Road