Letters - March 15

LEGEND: George Formby
LEGEND: George Formby
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YOUR article about the 50th anniversary of the death of the popular entertainer George Formby, and a meeting of the appreciation society at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool (Gazette March 7), reminds me that, as a Preston Harrier, I was out training on a night in March 1961.

I made several circuits of the River Ribble, and there was a stationary ambulance stood there for some considerable time, on what would be a slip road at what was known as the Triangle, at the base of the formidable Penwortham Hill.

I wondered whether they were waiting for what might happen, or – in the light of later knowledge when arriving home – resting after dealing with the earlier incident of taking George to the hospital, where he died that night.

He had been staying with his fiancee, a Miss Pat Howson, who lived further up Penwortham Hill, whom he intended to marry, following the death of his wife, Beryl, the previous winter.

One source on the internet says Pat passed away shortly afterwards, but this information is not too accurate, as it occurred some good 10 years later, due to cancer, when I was training at Lytham.


Tewkesbury Drive


I HAD a visit from a council worker offering a grant for cavity wall insulation.

We were told we did not automatically qualify, but if we received benefits, or were aged over 70, we may qualify.

We both work and have always paid council tax. I think we are more than entitled to claim something back. But we shall have to either pay high fuel bills or arrange to have our house insulated out of our own pocket.

It seems unfair those who pay their dues are made to pay even more.


WYRE Council is one of the few local authorities in the country which has produced a budget protecting frontline services, while guaranteeing no rise in council tax.

Savings of more than £300,000 have been made by streamlining management of the council and passing on the savings to residents.

To the amazement of any right-thinking person, the Labour group of councillors voted unanimously against the budget.

They have offered no amendments to the budget proposals.

This effectively means the Labour group has voted for a rise in council tax, fewer PCSOs on our streets, and potential cuts in other frontline services.

We operate a hard-working budget scrutiny group, made up of councillors, but the Labour members do not even bother to turn up to the meetings.

Sitting and sulking will not get the job done.


Cleveleys Park Ward