Letters - March 14, 2014

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Syndicate superclub

Too late

With economic uncertainty the Syndicate super club would be a massive risk and financial challenge for any operator to take on and run as a nightclub in this day and age.

It’s unfortunate that this historic and sound building is being lost but it would seem the regeneration cupboard is now bare.

When you consider the millions of pounds of regeneration investment spent over the past five years, it is a crying shame that Blackpool does not have a ‘Printworks’ style complex as seen in the northern quarter of Manchester.

This area would have been perfect with being just a stone throw away from the town centre and North train station.

All the Promenade needed was a high powered water jetting every now and again and a section of the road relaid in a smart red tarmac like the Mall found in London.

Major financial investment of public money should have been spent on making the famous Illuminations a world class modern attraction.

This would have boosted tourism to another level and the council would have then been placed in a strong position to negotiate lucrative commercial sponsorship deals with advertisers.

Instead we now have an Illuminations department that faces inevitable cuts and in need of serious investment.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


Membership is growing

Lib Dems

Poor Chris Moncrieff (The party’s over now Gazette March).

As his dream of annihilation of the Lib Dems recedes into the distance he has to come up with even bigger fantasies.

The Lib Dems are very far from being ‘knee deep in the mire’ and there is no challenge to the leadership of Nick Clegg – embryonic or otherwise.

How Chris clearly desperately wishes otherwise.

His beloved Tories are hopelessly split over almost everything, but especially Europe.

Osborne and Paterson and others are moving heaven and earth to promote fracking.

Duncan Smith and Gove preside over catastrophe upon disaster.

UKIP once again made idiots of themselves at their spring conference.

By contrast the Lib Dems had one of their best attended and vibrant spring conferences in York.

We are the only party that has any vision on just about anything but especially Europe.

It is utter navel gazing rubbish to be obsessional about the EU when what really controls us is not ‘Brussels’ but the fact that one per cent of the world population controls half the world wealth.

‘Clegg himself continues to behave in a coquettish manner’ – is Moncrieff really so desperate to chuck some mud that he really thinks we want to be in coalition?

Weak leadership has allowed the Tories to be dragged very far away from the Tories of 2010.

Lib Dem membership is increasing.

No-one can remember when that happened to any party in government.

It’s nice to be under attack, especially by right wing columnists and media.

It shows they are running scared.

Mike Turner

Saltcotes Road


Keeping Seasiders on track

Free trip!

I was on a recent journey on a tram from Fleetwood to Blackpool.

It was a lovely sunny Tuesday evening .

I must thank the conductor for having a sense of humour and a sixth sense.

A Tangerine fan got on the tram at Cleveleys on his way to the match.

The conductor said he’d give him a free journey back if they won..... especially as it would be 19th time lucky!

Well I know we like to mind the pennies in Lancashire but little did I know that this incentive caused a dramatic change in our fortunes.

Thanks tram conductor for possibly helping keep the Pool up!

Eddie Fewings

(by email)

Self service borrowing

Give us a choice

I would like to endorse the views of your correspondent Carl Barratt, who recently wrote bemoaning the changing face of libraries.

I have been a borrower of books for the past 70 years and during that time have got to know the local staff members when either borrowing or returning books.

Now, alas, my local library, on St Annes Road, has gone the same way as self-service grocery stores.

One has to learn how (literally) to book in and out, and frankly I don’t like it, and now dread my library visits.

Pushing buttons may save time and manpower, but it loses the personal touch borrowers used to enjoy.

At least my local supermarket gives us a choice.

Why can’t libraries?

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore