Letters - March 14, 2013

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THE local shops and stores in most of our Fylde towns are struggling, with fewer visitors and shoppers each year, losing out to supermarkets and retail parks.

With fewer visitors, will local councils have to increase parking charges to the loyal shoppers, and increase rates for the suffering shop owners to cover the shortfall?

Imagine a town with free council parking for two or three hours, without an eager traffic warden breathing down your neck, where you don’t have to rush into one or two shops, but perhaps can visit five or six, enjoying the choice and friendly service and still have time to meet up with some friends for lunch.

Now that’s a town I’d like to visit.

Back to the original question.

How long will it take for our local councillors to wake up and smell the coffee?


Avery Gardens,


I AGREE entirely with Brianne Shaw (Letters March 12).

The hundreds upon hundreds of 20mph and 30mph signs recently installed are unsightly and obtrusive.

The signs insult the integrity of the motorist.

They are all over quiet residential areas of Poulton and the relevant Lancashire County Council committee and officers should remove these awful signs which are over the top and are spoiling our lovely neighbourhoods.

After all it must be the case that ratepayers’ cash would be better spent resurfacing the roads which are in a dreadful state and renewing the white lines on the roads and the pedestrian crossings.

How much has this lot cost?

What next, are we going to see the hated speed cameras parked down cul-de-sacs?

I agree that with the Poulton bridge closure, how anybody in the LCC Highways Department could authorise roundabout repairs by the River Wyre Hotel to commence at the same is beyond belief.


I WAS recently admitted to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, initially admitted to the emergency room, then the acute medical ward and onto Ward 19 and the cardiac unit.

I would like to say what fantastic care I received from all departments and wards. The staff on all departments were so helpful and nothing was too much trouble.