Letters - March 13, 2014

An artists impression of a hotel proposed for the corner of the Promenade and Chapel Street.
An artists impression of a hotel proposed for the corner of the Promenade and Chapel Street.
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Hotel scheme refused


The council planners are said to have thrown out the application for a £10m hotel on Blackpool Promenade as it is”overly massive and bulky for the site” (Gazette, March 11).

It’s a good job the resort’s founders are not applying today to build The Tower.

And have the planners looked at the precedent they set at Cherry Tree Road, where they recently consented to a four-storey development of public housing in an area of two storey private housing?

Planners also say that “parking provision is inadequate” for the scheme.

The same can be said for Blackpool Business Park, where Blackpool Council restricted the number of parking spaces on development sites so that workers’ cars now line the estate roads during the day(“Parking Ban Gets Town Hall Go Ahead, Gazette March 14).

I bet there’s no shortage of parking at the new council offices at Talbot Gateway.

David Graham

Oxford Road

St Annes

Money from europe

We pay for it

In response to the anonymous EU supporter (Your Say, March 7), European Union funding will provide only a proportion of the total costs of any project.

The balance between European Union financial support and the total needed to deliver the project must be obtained from elsewhere.

As the UK donates £53m per day to the EU, any monies secured from the EU promoting projects here are hardly a benevolent gift from our EU masters. It is our own money.

The unelected European Commission is the only body which proposes new legislation to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and it ensures that EU law is correctly applied by member countries.

The EU parliament is 

MEPs cannot institute legislation.

Yes, they can sit in committees, produce reports and engage in debates but no one MEP or group has the power to promote or change EU rules and regulations.

I totally agree Europe is a beautiful continent with diverse wonders and cultures but I recall that we were all allowed to visit and live there before the EU was created, and will continue to do so long after the political nightmare that is the EU has turned to dust.

Val Cowell

Northwood Way


Newton drive doctor

All the best

We would like to wish Dr Riley and her family all the very best for the future with her move to Cornwall.

We do appreciate all she has done for us both.

Newton Drive Health Centre is not going to be the same without her, but our loss is going to be Cornwall’s gain. They do not know how lucky they are.

Dr Riley has done a great deal for our family, and the only consolation we do have is that we do have a good team of doctors.

Good luck Dr Riley to you and your family.

Mr and Mrs G.P. Mann



Student fees


The National Union of Students (NUS) has found each year up to 175,000 international students come to the UK in good faith only to find the tuition fees for their course have increased without warning.

Already paying high fees and budgeting meticulously, these rises threaten international students with hardship and worse: non-completion of their studies.

NUS research has found at least 50 per cent of universities do not provide international students with a ‘fixed fee guarantee’ and that their fees increase during their programme, often by thousands of pounds.

This could make a huge difference to international student retention; our research has found that students who pay unexpected additional costs of £1,000 or more are three times more likely to leave their programme.

NUS is calling on every institution to guarantee fixed international student fees.

International students should not have the goal posts moved by institutions while they are here.

Daniel Stevens

NUS international students’ officer

Road links from St Annes

Blocked up

A road accident closed Queensway for a while on Sunday, and led to traffic mayhem in St Annes.

Drivers trying to get to Blackpool were either caught up in massive jams on the roads leading to the Promenade, or had to brave the narrow roads over the Moss at the back of St Annes.

To me, this just highlighted how vital it is that the road links between St Annes and Blackpool are improved.

Why is it there seems to be money for roads elsewhere in Lancashire, but no investment for this key route?

It is time the powers that be sorted this ridiculous situation out.