Letters - March 10, 2011

Animal plea: Christine Ashton
Animal plea: Christine Ashton
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AS feared, we are daily receiving calls from pet owners facing repossession or having to move to a cheaper rented property as the recession starts to bite.

They are desperate for a temporary home for their pets while they sort themselves out.

These calls are in addition to temporary homes needed while someone is in hospital etc.

In short, we need fosterers to help. Sadly, as the cat concerned is usually upset at losing its home and owner, it needs to be in a home with no pets – which means few people who want to help actually can. Many times a great foster home ends up keeping “their” foster cat and then we lose them for future displaced animals.

The fosterer needs to have transport to get the pet to and from vets etc. We pay all bills and provide the food.

Interested? Please call Cat Rescue on (01253) 720357.


St Annes Cat Rescue

AS a patient of Queensway Surgery, Poulton, representing the 2,000 patients who signed a petition for our surgery to be sited on Vicarage Road, I have followed all that has been said about getting a much-needed health centre.

Houses are going to be built on the Station Road site, glad to hear this, although when I was approached by people in Poulton to sign a petition against the site in Vicarage Road in favour of Station Road, I was told houses would never be built there.

The Vicarage Road site was not refused on recommendation by its officers on trees, or traffic going to the park, but a very tenuous argument on pollution, which was not proved by Wyre Council. A lot of people signed a petition against the Vicarage Road site on fictitious information.

Now I read that funding for a clinic may not be available. So well done to all the concerned residents of Poulton, we seem to be the only community in the Fylde who will not have such a wonderful one-stop facility. It is up to the silent majority to say enough of this nonsense and let’s have our facilities for the best health care possible.

I and many more will be writing to support the appeal in the hope consent will be given when funding will be in place.


Breck Close


I HAVE read a number of council officials across the UK are on larger salaries than the Prime Minister David Cameron.

I believe the salaries of all these people should be reviewed on a regular basis. British people are feeling the pinch and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Mr Cameron seems to believe that to sack, axe and close are policies that make our lives better. The increase in inflation and unemployment strike mainly at the sick, the lower class and the elderly.

It’s the working classes that are the losers, that’s if you are lucky enough to be working.


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