Letters - March 1, 2013

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THE first time was at Old Trafford in the summer of 1993. England v Australia test match. Ground full, glorious sunshine.

And then from the row 
behind us, ring-ring from a 
mobile phone.

The second time was at our parish church some years later. It was first communion Sunday and as usual the church was full.

And then third row from the back and just before the Gospel; Ring-ring, ring-ring.

The third time was at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre. With my eldest granddaughter to see Mel C. star in Blood Brothers. As the finale approached, yep, ring-ring.

Last month, as we were getting on the plane at Manchester Airport ,we came to a standstill in the middle of the aisle as a young man told the person on the other end, that he was getting on the plane.

At the funeral of our late headmaster last Friday the lady sitting next to me pulled out her mobile phone, switched it on and checked the screen three times during the requiem mass.

But today I have had enough.

My lady wife and I caught the tram to Cleveleys for a spot of lunch. On entering Wetherspoons I sussed that I was third to be served after the two young ladies before me.

Why then did it take me 23 minutes to be served two drinks?

Well the second lady started to give the barman her order when her mobile phone rang.

She wanted to order five meals and five drinks as she was holding a conversation with someone on the other end of the phone.

Now you can disrupt a test match, interfere with my religious observance, spoil a night at the theatre but when you make me wait more than 20 minutes for a pint of Abbots Ale, I am not a happy man.


Warbreck Hill Road, 

REGARDING ‘School Stab Claim’ (Gazette February 27), I understand teachers should act quickly and correctly with a disruptive child.

They have to make the classroom and school safe for other children.

It seems very extreme behaviour for a young boy to threaten he will get a knife to stab pupils and teachers.

Also if a child is continually disruptive in the class the parents should also treat it

I hope the teachers and headmistress will be soon be back in their jobs at Revoe School, and that the young boy in question will get help and support from his parents and the school.

So everything can get back to normal.


Portland Road,


Blackpool Council, please could we have your spare pedestrian crossing from Blackpool Prom for Fleetwood Road North in Thornton.

At certain times it’s nigh on impossible to cross near the doctor’s surgery or school.

The shared space for people and cars works very well in Thornton.

Cars park on the pavements and people walk in the roads.

Where’s the problem



Fleetwood Road,


MY 67-year-old husband has recently been in hospital with meningitis, and I have to say I have nothing but praise for the Blackpool Victoria Hospital and the care he received there.

The paramedics 
arrived within minutes of my making the call and once at the Emergency Department he was treated quickly and I was reassured and kept informed by the staff all the time.

As I was on my own in a rather traumatic situation this was very much appreciated.

Once he was diagnosed he was admitted to ICU and began his intravenous course of antibiotics.

Once again the staff there were kind and caring, nothing was too much trouble for them and I was very impressed with the way they do their best to make the experience as stress free as is possible for the friends and families of the patients.

Finally, after a short stay in Ward 14 he is now home and although still a little weak on the road to recovery.

Thank you to all concerned at BVH, 
especially to the ICU.


Rathylyn Avenue,


SOME of your readers may have experienced the loss of contact with their children after separation or divorce and turned to the Family Courts to seek a remedy.

The Charity Families Need Fathers helps all parents and grandparents in this situation . It has a network of support groups throughout Britain and information can be found at www.fnf.org.uk

The Family Courts are held in private with their outcomes often driven by reports from a variety of ‘experts’. Whilst these experts may be members of their respective regulating bodies, no effective channel exists for complaints to be objectively investigated.

An e-petition to address this lack of accountability and subsequent abuse of power by ‘experts’ in the Family Courts calls for the appointment of an Ombudsman so that complaints to the various regulatory bodies are fully investigated and the results upheld: www.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/44643


Great Arler Road