Letters - March 1, 2012

Carers - Kerri-Ann Leighton helps kit Robocarer Wade Cumming out
Carers - Kerri-Ann Leighton helps kit Robocarer Wade Cumming out
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THANK you for the Kids meet RoboCarer feature (Gazette February 20). It explains well the film production training programme the young carers are undertaking and its positive impact.

I would, however, like to clarify who is delivering and funding the project.

First Light, a British Film Institute initiative supported by the Lottery is funding the work.

BoldFace Productions, the youth arm of CTVC, which is an award-winning TV and radio production company and registered UK charity, is delivering the training.

David Richardson, the Emmy award-winning director was recruited by BoldFace Productions to offer unique expertise to the young trainees.

As well as working in partnership with Blackpool Young Carers, the project is also being delivered with The Hub youth project in St Annes.


Youth and Community Engagement Manager

BoldFace Productions

I AM grateful to Penny Martin (Letters February 24), for allowing me to re-explain why the Government’s economic course is the correct one long-term. Penny seeks to make the point that life would be so much easier if the Government just borrowed some more money.

She made this argument at the election, when I disagreed, and I disagree with her now. We cannot solve economic problems caused by excessive government borrowing with yet more borrowing. We wouldn’t do it with our household budget, so why do it with our nation’s?

We have a duty to future generations to deal with this deficit. If we don’t, then we can see in Greece the fate that awaits us. If we are to get finances under control, that means everyone, including the very wealthy, playing fair within the system.

I am concerned about the fact youth unemployment has been rising since 2004, and too many of our talented young people are seeking a life away from the Fylde coast. I strongly support what the Government is doing to increase the number of apprenticeships locally – but I recognise the challenge is a longer-term one too. We need to diversify the economy, and have a broader range of jobs.

Economic development is not something that can happen overnight, which is why I am so frustrated that Labour locally has abolished the Economic Development Company covering the Fylde coast, just as it was starting to make a difference.


Blackpool North and Cleveleys

I WOULD like to say thank you to the nurses from ward 15B at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for taking good care of me.

They helped me out when I needed them, and always looked in my room to see if I needed anything.

They gave me faith in myself, and I will always have faith in the nurses who work at Victoria Hospital.


Laycock Gate