Letters - June 9, 2015

Traffic on Fleetwood Road North has been made worse by too many lorries using it as a rat run, says one reader
Traffic on Fleetwood Road North has been made worse by too many lorries using it as a rat run, says one reader
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Thornton village under HGV siege

Well done Moorland Road residents for highlighting the problems with HGV traffic in a residential environment when there are suitable alternative routes.

These are the same HGVs which end up on Fleetwood Road North in Thornton en route to various places including the former ICI site, housing developments and sites in Fleetwood.

A recent survey of residents of Fleetwood Road North indicated that many are concerned about their safety when crossing the road both for themselves and for children going to school.

Some residents also reported damage to their properties which often shake as these vehicles pass by.

This road was never designed to take the volume of traffic that we are experiencing because of all the developments in the area.

The A585 was built to take the heavy traffic away from Thornton village and these vehicles should be forced to use it.

Our elected representatives now need to get together with local businesses to address this issue and start to work on behalf of residents to ensure that Thornton village is no longer used as a rat run for the expedience of haulage companies.

P Jenkins

Fleetwood Road North



Not so easy

It was most interesting to read Jayne Dawson’s article, but dog walking is much more than “a walk in the park”.

Being left with little use of my legs following a stroke our walker, Mel, takes our (big) dog out running, swimming and a host of other activities.

She also looks after her general wellbeing – visits to the vets, collecting requisites, doggy wash etc.

Mel is out every day with her charges whatever the weather, rain. snow or gale.

May I add also that you need to be police checked, carry insurance and have a sturdy van with adequate ventilation, and loads of outdoor clothes. A walk in the park? Hardly.

Brian Massey

Bispham Road



Looking for exit

With regard to Blackpool Football Club’s recent request asking for season ticket relocations – I would like my two seats relocating to my lounge, and the money from my season tickets to be relocated back into my bank account.

I think it is somewhat cynical to receive a thank you letter from the club, thanking me for renewing my season tickets, when in fact the club gave me no choice.

I have tried repeatedly to claw back the money spent on the second season of my two season deal, to no avail.

The continued mismanagement of the club has yet again left us with only half a team going into the close season. It is refreshing that an absolute nobody has kindly volunteered to take on the manager role, but given that he has only been given a one-year rolling contract, I wonder if he will always have one eye on the door.

It is certainly where I will be looking.

Tony Singleton

via email


Season to watch

This could be a defining season for Blackpool FC and will reveal much about the inner workings of the owners’ minds.

Are we to remain a third division side for the forseable future, maybe with a plastic pitch handy for lucrative concerts in the summer, or will the new manager be given the support he needs to get us back where we belong?

M McDonald

North Shore


Men’s issues site

British men are notorious for their reserve when it comes to discussing health matters, and Men’s Health Week (15 - 21 June 2015) is a perfect time to start talking.

Men can be especially shy about issues behind the toilet cubicle door.

While difficulties like constipation can be the result of stress, poor diet or certain medications, changes to bowel habits can sometimes be indicators of more serious problems.

It’s very important that men take control of their health and are more open when it comes to talking about concerns.

In my 40+ years working with people in the health arena, I’ve found humour can be a great way to start a conversation about issues we might find embarrassing.

‘Stand Up / Sit Down’ is a new short film featuring four of the UK’s brightest, up-and-coming comedians cracking jokes about the ‘poo taboo’ and discussing men’s reluctance to talk about not being able to ‘go’. You can watch the film at www.letstalkconstipation.co.uk.

Professor Alex 

Chartered psychologist