Letters - June 9, 2014

Motorway mayhem
Motorway mayhem
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Motorway driving


In the national press recently I was interested to read an article about speeding on our motorways reaching a record low.

‘Experts’ claim the reason for this is the introduction of more speed cameras and increases in the price of fuel.

Whereas I do not condone excessive speed, there is a far more ominous 
reason for the reduction.

The motorway system is slowly becoming choked with traffic, as anyone 
who uses it regularly will attest.

So much so, that on a trip down the M6 you will see traffic light systems on junctions to allow slower and therefore smoother traffic flows, which cause congestion, and of course the introduction of 
‘variable speed’ systems to 
allow the hard shoulder 
to be used as an extra 

Years of under-investment in the economic arteries of the country are coming home to roost, which is being brought into sharp relief by these ‘sticking plaster’ short term fixes.

High speed 2 is a move in the right direction but 
without a monumental 
investment policy in our infrastructure, the coming economic regeneration of the country, especially here in the North of England, will wither and die.

Coun Gordon McCann


Rail passenger travel


I have read recent information originating from the Office of the Rail Regulator which states that across all parts of the country numbers of rail passenger journeys have increased, except in the North West which, they state, saw a fall of 1.1 per cent.

I cannot find any other supporting information to substantiate the ‘surprising’ figures, and the reality on the ground (in regular service use) seems to massively 
contradict such reports. We have seen an increase to services in the Northern and Transpennine service areas, along with a need for unit strengthening on Virgin services to cope with passenger loads.

We have seen far more passengers using local and regional services.

So, although I cannot speak other than by visual and actual experience, I wonder if this set of ORR information is frankly a ‘political’ manipulation to justify the continuing appalling levels of rolling stock provision and transfer as well as service adjustment in our area.

I would like to hear from interested parties their views on this matter.

Stephen Brookes MBE

Blackpool Transport 
Passenger User Panel

Care after heart attack

Great staff

After having a heart attack on Wednesday May 27, can I comment on the care I had from the ambulance service, and also to the young surgeon, Sunita, who put a stent in my heart which saved my life.

Also, thanks to the nurses in the theatre and on the recovery unit.

They work so hard and for such long hours , and 
nothing was too much trouble.

Also, as a cancer sufferer, I am receiving fantastic care on the Macmillan and oncology units, which is on-going.

This includes Dr Lau, Donnam my cancer nurse, and all the staff on oncology ( too many to mention).

They are a fantastic team and without them I might not be here now.

Many thanks to everyone who cared for me and I just wanted to say the Victoria is 
an amazing hospital and a massive thank you to 

Brian Turnbull

(By email)

Fabulous night with Joe


What a fabulous night we all had at Viva to celebrate the birthday of Joe Longthorne.

After a delicious three course meal in the exquisite surroundings of the new 
Festival Suite, and private function room, we were 
entertained by various artistes, before Joe took to the stage himself.

The previous weekend saw Mr Longthorne MBE on stage for over two hours, in what was a truly mesmerising performance, which also included a duet with beautiful singer Tracey Jordan.

Special thanks to Leye de Johns and staff, highly 
respected Mr James Moran (Joe’s manager), and ‘our’ Geraldine (fan club secretary) for their hard work and support.

We, his fans know Joe certainly has the courage and determination to get through this next round of treatment for cancer, and send our love and best wishes for a good 

Name and address supplied

Lifeboat fund-raising


On behalf of the Friends of Blackpool Lifeboat Station, we would like to say a big thank you to the management, staff and customers of Sainsbury’s supermarket in Bispham for helping us raise £267.69 at a 
recent collection in the store. It is greatly appreciated.

Christine Parry


The Friends of Blackpool 
Lifeboat Station