Letters, June 8, 2015

Blackpool FC's new manager Neil McDonald arrived for his introductory press conference this morning only to find the main reception locked. PIC BY ROB LOCK'4-6-2015
Blackpool FC's new manager Neil McDonald arrived for his introductory press conference this morning only to find the main reception locked. PIC BY ROB LOCK'4-6-2015
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Get behind Neil

Please, please let’s try to get behind Neil McDonald instead of all the in-fighting from our supposed supporter groups.

It won’t make the man feel any better in the job if everyone is accusing him of being a bad choice, before he even has opportunity to get into the job.

All this can lead to is him possibly walking away, fed up before even starting, so let’s, at least, give the guy a chance and see what players he can sign, before giving criticism.

I, myself, never fancied “Ollie” when he was given the job. He soon changed my mind!.

Karl Oyston has appointed him, and is probably well aware of his many faults and errors he has made in the recent past,

Maybe now this is the man he will back, let’s hope so, therefore let’s look forward, and hope the good times will return soon.

Douglas Loynds

Pelham Avenue



Neil needs magic

Reading Neil McDonald’s remarks on day two of his appointment as manager, I sense a touch of naivety.

While I am all for giving someone the benefit of the doubt, in Pool’s current dire situation, Lord knows time is not on his side, I can’t help, and I’m sure I am not alone among the fans, in feeling a sense of scepticism about McDonald’s comments.

Such as: “We’ve got to change people’s minds, get that confidence back and try to move the club to pastures new.”

I am sure your six predecessors said or felt the same thing and the one stumbling block to this ambition is the boss Mr Oyston.

As long as he continues to rule the roost at Bloomfield Road, and there’s no apparent sign he will fly the coop, you may whether you like it or not, become another yes man.

So unless you have brought a magic wand with you, I fear disillusionment stretches out before you.

Neil Kendall

South Shore


Thanks for help

The coffee morning on May 30 to help four scouts exceeded all expectations. A total of £530 was raised to help them raise enough for their adventure of a lifetime to go to the World Jamboree for Scouting in Japan in July this year.

All the hard work by the young people and their supporters has paid off to raise our share of the funding.

Thank you to everyone at St Christopher’s and St Nicholas’ for supporting and helping our two coffee mornings.

To the Scouting fraternity, what you do for the young people of Blackpool, who are a credit to you, is marvellous and I cannot praise you enough.

You are always there and I am proud to be a small part of your organisation.

The young Scouts, apart from the fund-raising, had to complete school/college exams and now in a few weeks will be off on the well earned trip. I wish I could be with you!

Coun Lily Henderson MBE

Hon President Blackpool 
District Scouts


No laughing matter

With regard to Steve Canavan’s column on pilates, Gazette, June 4.

You’re right, your mate is a liar!

I did three years of agony before I gave it up.

Three different instructors three different clubs,I was convinced it was my technique that was to blame!

It got so I was hiding behind a pillar in the last club,but she knew I was there. She could tell by all the moaning and grunting , and my feet sticking out of one end and my head out of the other.

I finally gave it up, it had got so bad that if you had dropped a fiver in front of me I would have stared at it in wonder! There was no way I could pick it up. If I was lucky and nobody had noticed I might have been able to slide it to a corner and get down on my hands and knees to retrieve it. The wife was tieing my shoes and I was contemplating a Zimmer frame.

After giving up, my back and muscles gradually healed up but it took three months.

When you next see your mate give him a good kick for me! Thanks for a great column,I really enjoy it.

Dennis Johnson.

Via email


TV recorder woe

As life is becoming more stressful for many of us it would be great if supermarkets and individuals who are TV experts could offer a tailor made service for people who are upgrading their very old TV sets and program recorders.

They could put their details and testimonials on a website.

An assessment of individual needs and a home visit to ensure understanding would prove invaluable to those who need to be hand -held through what can be a very confusing and difficult time.

I have just had an extremely difficult few weeks and have paid an aerial maintenance man three times for home visits this year to help with setting up my TV with the recorder as there have been various problems. Helplines and customer care departments for the television and recorder have given incorrect advice.

A fee paid to such a life-saver may work out a lot cheaper than visits from aerial maintenance employees and would cover any initial teething problems immediately.

This would be great for people who rely on the telly for entertainment due to illness or mobility issues.

David Rodgers