Letters - June 7

Queens Park, flats, Layton, Blackpool.
Queens Park, flats, Layton, Blackpool.
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AS a resident of Queens Park, living in Walter Robinson Court, I feel very upset that my home could be demolished.

Did your reporter ask Steve Matthews, who is not an elected representative, how much it would cost to repair or demolish the estate?

Queens Park has had a bad reputation over the years, but it has got better with crime down to a minimum and virtually no anti-social behaviour, which is more than you can say for most of Blackpool.

The estate has been left to rot by both Labour and Tory councils over the years, rather giving the Decent Homes money from the Government to other estates with more problems, like Mereside and Grange Park, which had a worst reputation than Queens Park ever did.

We all know the council has already made its mind up about Queens Park and are determined to demolish it all.

We aim to fight this to the last man standing.


Walter Robinson Court

Laycock Gate


ONLY a handful of entertainment venues offer discount prices for FY residents (some only temporary), so the council and businesses could surely look at ways to encourage us to use them more when we work to help the local economy.

However, it seems many would rather charge us the same as holidaymakers (extortionate at that) when we should be rewarded for working here and accepting visitors, who can often be an inconvenience – which we tolerate – because we realise it is, after all, a holiday resort.

As it is, we pay high prices when we should receive discounts on parking (especially to encourage shopping in town), with entertainment venues and complexes persuading us to use them too.

We do, after all, continue to use them out of season.

Then there is the ‘well over the top’ admission and drinks prices in pubs and clubs geared to visitors, which we too have to endure.

There are those charging less, but for the extortionate ones they could surely offer discount cards for residents.

These are just a few rewarding aspects to perhaps encourage people to buy property here (Gazette May 31) knowing full well that the advantages of residing in the resort is to reap the benefits on offer and receive a ‘thank you’ for working in and around Blackpool.


Ashton Road


£1m could be better spent

BUS shelters are very important, especially when you’re waiting for a bus for about an hour, but £1m (Gazette June 2) is a lot of money when there are cuts in services for children and the elderly, and austerity is forced on workers through pay freezes and redundancy.

I do hope that a great deal more thought is being put into the new scheme than the last phase.


Silverwood Avenue


Use it now to keep it

IT’S great to see the Boundary Library on Grange Park has been saved from closure (Gazette, June 3).

But the important thing now is for residents to use it thus securing its future success.

Libraries are a fantastic resource and all communities should fight to save them.