Letters - June 6, 2014

Fly tipping on Garstang Road, near Grange Park.
Fly tipping on Garstang Road, near Grange Park.
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Action in North Shore


It has been a welcome move by councillors Ivan Taylor and Gillian Campbell to introduce licensing of private landlords in the Claremont ward and I thank them for clearing a local communal back alley cleared of debris.

However, there are still problems in North Shore streets such as dog fouling, fly tipping and littering which do little to make the street scene an ideal living environment.

But it is not all the responsibility of the council.

Irresponsible residents can have a careless attitude to picking up their dog faeces, dropping litter and so on that needs a change in personal behaviours which would support the local community and council to keep the area to an acceptable standard of cleanliness.

My hope is that the council will support North Shore residents by more enforcement officers, education and investment to improve the quality of life in the North Shore locality.

Gerry Diamond



Stumping up for Europe


Amazingly within days of PM David Cameron attending a crisis meeting (dinner) in Brussels to discuss the disastrous anti- EU election results, it is business as usual.

The EU Commissioners now need to raise £3.85bn in order to pay their bills, blaming the turmoil in the Ukraine as the reason, forgetting that EU expansion plans caused it.

As a result British taxpayers will have to stump up an additional £500m on top of the £55m a day that our EU membership costs us.

Cameron said that the EU is “too big, too bossy and too interfering” as well as it must no longer be “business as usual and that they should listen to the people”.

He is deluding himself in thinking that he can negotiate an new deal, let alone repatriate powers. He is also deluding himself if he thinks that the electorate believes or trusts him.

Philip Griffiths

North West President UKIP

Tower ballroom entry

Not free

I constantly praised the fact to family and friends in my native town that we had the privilege of entering the Tower Ballroom balcony for free.

We could take time out from the hustle and bustle of our resort to sit and watch the dancing, listen to the organists playing and enjoy the awesome ambience of such an ornate venue, then go and enjoy refreshments in the conservatory cafe overlooking the Promenade.

Not any more! I called in on Saturday May 31 to enjoy the facility only to find there is now an admission charge so I did an about turn and left.

Perhaps there has been some sort of reason? Free visitors annoying the dancers below in some way? Or the powers that be decided it’s unfair we should have this free to enjoy and feel there is even more money to rake in by impending a charge?

Well, thanks a bunch Merlin. I won’t be going again.

Clifford Chambers

Ashton Road


Blue badges for drivers

Not all lame

I have read Mrs Bennison’s letter (Your Say May 23), regarding people having no difficulty getting in and out of cars, yet holding a blue badge.

A few years ago I possessed one of the blue badges and could get in and out of cars with ease, but couldn’t walk more than 20 yards because of circulation problems.

After a major aortic op, a triple by-pass op, and two years of rehab, thankfully now I don’t need the said badge anymore. Not all badge holders are lame or legless.

A. James

Palatine Road


European elections

The facts

The success of UKIP in the recent European elections and subsequent talk of earthquakes and volcanoes has masked a number of simple facts.

Firstly, the turnout was, as in the local elections, derisory.

We are repeatedly told people are fed up with our membership of the EU yet millions cannot be bothered to vote.

Why? Because of general voter apathy plus a profound ignorance about the workings of the EU. Hence, if a referendum is ever held on our continuing membership, the result will be meaningless .

Secondly, and crucially, claims immigration can be controlled or even reduced are illusionary. Pledges to cut immigration to ‘tens of thousands’ cannot be fulfilled.

The simple truth is if we wish to curtail immigration from Europe we have to leave the EU. If we do not, then we stay in the EU. There is no half-way house.

Thirdly, what really concerns many of us is the erosion of UK sovereignty. Official House of Commons statistics reveal that some 50 per cent of regulations affecting this country come from the EU.

Fourthly, although Nigel Farage has cause some chickens to lose their heads, he knows it will be a different story in the General Election.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close