Letters - June 5, 2015

Anti-fracking match in Lytham, with parliamentary candidates Elizabeth Clarkson (Northern Party) and Bob Dennett (Green Party) at the front of the picture
Anti-fracking match in Lytham, with parliamentary candidates Elizabeth Clarkson (Northern Party) and Bob Dennett (Green Party) at the front of the picture
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Industry campaign

So the shale gas industry has started its latest assault in the media by finding 10 local people who support fracking, wrapped up their ignorant views in a glossy package and presented them as if life without shale gas will leave us deprived and envious of other areas of the world.

Have they taken any time to look at the dangers of shale gas exploration, the lack of meaningful regulation and the massive impact it will have on our lives and our environment?

I am not a scaremonger. I have listened to both sides of the argument and am firmly on the side of those opposed to fracking – and there are thousands of us – not because of some blind emotional response or a NIMBY attitude but of a rational decision based on evidence.

Fracking is bad for the climate. Fracking is a way to use more gas and oil – both of which pollute the environment, and will run out sometime anyway. The government should be urgently focusing on renewable energy.

Fracking needs lots of water – so water shortages could be worse in future. Also, because chemical-filled water is used in the process, contaminated water could seep into our water supply and rivers.

Claims fracking would create thousands of jobs are based on guesswork. Government experts admitted in November 2014 that fracking won’t make energy bills any cheaper.

Above all, these pro-frackers need to ask themselves: “Why are other countries banning fracking if it’s such a good idea?” Answer – because it is simply not safe, is not necessary and will only benefit the energy companies.

Phil Thomas



Renewables first

Lancashire is beautiful, with traditional canals and 
waterways to ancient bluebell woods.

Historically, Lancashire used green wind energy with mills that still stand in evidence today. The vast majority of the inhabitants of Lancashire have great reservations on the safety aspect of the shale gas procedure, especially after the two earth tremors felt on the testing drills a couple of years ago.

The bad reputation created by shale gas in many other countries of contamination, public health and safety and the noise, traffic pollution, the de-valuation of our properties is enough to reject this.

The gallons of our precious fresh water used is probably worth more value than the gas extracted but the risk of contamination is a risk too far to take. More jobs could be created in the greener energies and Lancashire could be in the forefront of creating cleaner, safer, energy, more suited for the 21st Century.

Gloria Kinmond-Bell



Drunks ruined show

I, too, was at the UB40 concert which has been mentioned in The Gazette and, like Mr Powers , thought it was the ‘worst concert ever’.

I had never seen the band before and paid top whack for a front row seat. After 20 minutes of the concert it started. Drunk (predominantly women) staggering around the stage taking selfies.

Then the assault began in earnest. After 50 minutes of having the stage blocked and inebriates falling into me enough was enough.

I asked myself two questions. 1) Are you enjoying this? and 2) Do you feel safe?.The answer to both was no, so I left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Martin Woodsford

St Annes


Hounds Hill thanks

I would love to say thank you to the security staff and lady attendant for the women’s toilets at Hounds Hill, Blackpool, for their care and reassurance on Thursday, May 28, when I was taken ill.

I had a severe nose bleed. They supplied a mountain of paper tissue and stayed with me until it subsided. They then escorted me to my car.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it is good to know that there are people like you around.

Lady in Distress



MEPs must vote no

I’m writing to spread the word about TTIP which I believe is a dangerous trade deal being negotiated in secret between the EU and US.

I am one of two million British people who have signed the petition to scrap the deal and I want people to realise this deal could allow big corporations to buy up some our most vital services like the NHS, it would also give big businesses the power to sue our government if they don’t like the laws that protect us. MEPs need to know that the public want TTIP scrapped. There’s a rare chance on June 10 for our MEPs to scrap the worst parts of the deal. I’m calling on my MEP to vote against it.

David Wilson

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