Letters - June 5, 2014

BALLROOM BLITZ Blackpool's proud dance heritage has impressed visitors from across the world, according to one of today's correspondents to The Gazette
BALLROOM BLITZ Blackpool's proud dance heritage has impressed visitors from across the world, according to one of today's correspondents to The Gazette
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Views from Russia


May I please convey to Blackpool Council leader Coun Simon Blackburn the delight shown by our Russian Dance Festival guests towards the new look Blackpool.

Vassili, owner of 21 dance studios in America, was in absolute awe at the two new buildings facing the railway station.

“Blackpool has gone from 1850 to 2050” were his words, “2014”, I said, “No 2050”, insisted Vass.

Dimitri, a Moscow music producer, said “It is good”, the tears of happiness in his eyes said more.

Our two young dancers from Shanghai were worried the Winter Gardens would close due to its rundown condition, now they look forward to their annual pilgrimage to Blackpool for the foreseeable future.

Coun Blackburn has done more for this town than anyone, except those who built the place.

He has made the people who love Blackpool very happy.

Roger Goodred

Sunhaven Guest House Charles Street


Giving up their time


The 430 people in Lancashire who give up their time to support The Children’s Society’s vital work to fight childhood poverty and neglect are part of a movement of almost 11,000 amazing volunteers across the country.

This week (June 1-7) marks the 30th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every individual in Lancashire who volunteers their time, energy and skills to help us improve children’s lives.

Volunteers have been absolutely integral to the work of The Children’s Society since we started over 130 years ago.

Our thousands of dedicated local fundraising volunteers have raised more than £156m to support our work in the last three decades.

Our retail volunteers have enabled us to build a network of almost 100 charity shops.

And the hundreds of volunteers involved in delivering our services have helped us change the lives of more than 100,000 of the country’s most vulnerable children and young people since Volunteers’ Week was established in 1984.

There are so many actions people can take to make a difference – whether they can spare 30 minutes, 30 days or even 30 weeks.

We will be sharing some of them every day this week on our website (www.childrenssociety.org.uk/volunteer-blogs) to help inspire even more people in Lancashire to get involved.

Michael Reed

Chief Executive

The Children’s Society

Buy your own plants


How sad to read about plants being stolen from Louie Horrocks Park (Gazette June 3).

And why does anyone feel the need to steal them?

You can buy 10 begonias for £1.79 in Aldi, so plants are hardly a big expense.

Just buy some, instead of resorting to theft and ruining things for everyone else who works so hard.

Name and address supplied

Community fun day


Following a record breaking Community Fun Day on Sunday, the Friends of Highfield Road Park would like to thank everyone who attended their successful fundraiser.

The Friends committee made a fantastic profit of over £1,000, which will be used on future projects to improve the park.

The committee would like to thank everyone who supported them that day including stall holders and all the visitors, many of whom had never visited the park before.

Thank you all, for making a difference.

If anyone would like to join the ‘Friends’, or learn more about the park plans please ring Karen on (01253) 312986.

The Friends of Highfield Road Park Committee

Thanks for support

Voted out

Two months ago, I was declared an ‘MEP of the Year’ for my cross-party work in helping to reform the EU common fisheries policy, end discards and rebuild fish stocks.

Two weeks ago, the voters threw me out on my ear.

Such is democracy. The rejection feels harsh, but I am still glad over the years to have put my head up above the parapet and been a participant rather than an armchair critic.

As an MEP I have been able to channel investment worth billions of pounds towards carbon capture and innovative renewable energy schemes. I have helped shape regulations that are improving the quality of our rivers and air, increase the fuel efficiency of cars and reduce their emissions, and promote better use of scarce resources.

The health warning pictures on cigarette packs that have led to fewer young people taking up smoking were made possible by legislation I introduced.

My term in office finishes on July 1. I thank all those who have supported me and who have, in the past, allowed me the chance to make a difference for the better.

Chris Davies

Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West