Letters - June 4, 2014

Blackpool Council is cracking down on kerbside car sales.
Blackpool Council is cracking down on kerbside car sales.
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Council tackling issue


Thank goodness Coun Gillian Campbell is doing something about cars for sale on our roads (Gazette May 28).

I and my neighbours in the past have rung various people about it as we don’t want a garage outside our houses.

Devonshire Road and Munster Avenue in Bispham have always had a problem.

This issue causes problems with the traffic which is dangerous.

B. Roberts

Munster Avenue


Exhibition worth a look


After being unable to attend the official opening, I was delighted to pay a belated visit to the splendid Fylde Coast Heritage Exhibition.

Currently on show in the Fylde Art Gallery in the Booths store in Lytham, the exhibition looks at some of the architectural gems in Lytham, St Annes, Blackpool and Fleetwood.

Large coloured photographs, informative captions and fascinating showcases present a highly informative visual display.

The civic societies of Fleetwood, Blackpool and Lytham are to be congratulated on co- operating so effectively to create a splendid exhibition.

Hopefully, visitors will be encouraged to travel to neighbouring towns and discover the rich heritage of the Fylde coast.

The exhibition is open for the next five weeks.

Dick Gillingham

Chairman of the Friends of Fleetwood 

Protecting our high street


I would like the opportunity of setting the record straight with regard to an article in The Gazette (May 30) headlined ‘Stadium will hurt trade’.

I was asked to comment on the application known as “Mill Farm”, which is being heard today by the Development Management Committee.

I spoke in my role as the chairman of Kirkham and Wesham Business Group and only discussed the retail section.

At no point did I make any comment on the stadium part of the application.

It is my responsibility and duty as chairman of the Business Group to defend the high streets and I feel very strongly that any out of town retail will have a detrimental effect on the small businesses in Wesham and Kirkham.

We have survived a severe recession and are feeling reasonably buoyant with only one empty shop on Kirkham high street and no empty shops in Wesham.

Kirkham now has a butchers and greengrocers and trade can only get better when we support each other.

Our pavement enhancement scheme is well underway and the high street is looking great.

My fear is the impact on the businesses due to a fall in the footfall when trade is pulled away from Morrisons and the Co-op.

Local jobs would be lost as a result of either shops closing or employers having to reduce their staff numbers.

I feel the criticism I have received due to this headline is unjust when I am speaking on behalf of the Kirkham and Wesham Business Group about the high streets.

Elaine Silverwood


Kirkham and Wesham Business Group

Local issues count more

UKIP votes

What an interesting and thought provoking article from Coun Simon Blackburn (Politically Correct May 28).

His theory about UKIP taking seats in safe Tory wards like Bispham, Warbreck and Norbreck if there had been by- elections in those wards last week, conjures up some interesting thoughts.

It may be a case of being between the devil and the deep blue sea, a rock and a hard place, or put simply confused!

As a single issue party mainly, UKIP would seem to have little to benefit the electorate here, as Blackpool has gained from being in Europe.

Here we need a party that declares an interest in child poverty, low wages, the continuation of the NHS as a public service, and affordable housing for single people and families to name just a few social welfare needs.

UKIP did split the Conservative vote more than Labour, and had no impact in safe Labour wards here last week.

As a trustee of the Winter Gardens, I feel it is wonderful to have backing from the National Lottery which will help us achieve a heritage museum for the town, which will be an asset to our tourism industry.

Blackpool has so much to be proud of in entertainment and tourism.

Also it is a good down-to-earth working class sort of a place, with lots of potential.

We need to shout more about our assets, and develop more interests in our proud history.

On Coun Blackburn’s third point regarding his own weight loss challenge to raise money for the Mayor’s charity; I suggest there should be a town challenge.

I for one could benefit from losing a bit of flab!

So bring it on and let’s all make pounds for the town, while losing pounds for Blackpool’s health!

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Ave nue