Letters - June 30

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DURING National Cycling Week, the events organised by Cycle Blackpool have been great. I would particularly like to commend the Doctor Bike team.

My wife and I took along bikes to be checked and, where necessary, to be repaired. Nothing was too much trouble for Lindsay, Doug, Emma and the rest of the team.

They went about their tasks skilfully, explaining what they were doing as they worked.

It was a joy to see people cheerfully doing their work.

The only charge made was for items that needed to be renewed. We even had breakfast for free. So a big thank you for your patience, skill and dedication to Doctor Bike and congratulations for a job well done.


Marsden Road


YOU can now sponsor a street cat for as little as £2 a month at rainbowbridgesanctuary@inbox.com.

We are trying to raise £4,000 to cover the back of our sanctuary yard to provide the street cats with a safe, secure place to stay. This will be done by a barrel door, where they can come and go as they please.

At the moment we feed via a hatch on the mesh that protects the residents, but when it rains all get wet. We have one cat Lucky, who needs medication every four weeks.

We would be pleased to donate your offering towards the vet’s fees.

A big thank you to all who sent money with no name, food pouches, dry food and those wonderful candles from Malta, which made the little chapel very special at Easter.

Please do give us a call on 622042 if you can help. Every month we also hold a service for all lost or deceased pets, it’s called St Francis Mass, and all are welcome.


Rainbow Bridge Sanctuary

43, Grosvenor Street


YOUR political commentator Chris Moncrieff did not do his homework before he wrote his column (Gazette, June 21).

He should have known the Teacher Pension Scheme had already been re-negotiated in 2006 to take into account that people are living longer. The agreed changes came into force during 2007.

All teachers now pay more in, and the retirement age changed to 65 years for teachers joining the scheme since then. If any valuation of the scheme shows more money is needed, it will all come out of teachers’ pay, not from the taxpayer.

Having dealt with that, the Government is now trying to raid our pension scheme, and those of other public sector workers, to help pay for the budget deficit which increased in the recent economic crisis. It means us paying more, working longer, and then getting less pension.

We did not cause the crisis and we should not have to pay for it with what amounts to a tax on our pensions. Those responsible for the crisis should pay.

Instead, they are still laughing all the way to the bank. Indeed, they are often already in the bank, and some are in the Government as well.


Lancashire Secretary

National Union of Teachers