Letters - June 3, 2015

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Concert fans should think before buying

I have just been shown your article (The Gazette, May 28) regarding the UB40 concert at the Winter Gardens and I just have to write to you.

I am not sure about Neil Power’s or Martin Woodsford’s version of events.

My wife and I were there with four friends, and we did not see a surge of fans.

Yes, some fans went down and danced at the front of the stage, in front of the front row of seats, but you get that at all concerts – it would be hard for a great number to surge forward with seats in the way.

As for people walking out, we did not see anybody walking out – only to the bar to get more drinks.

As for fighting, again, we did not see or hear any fighting.

There is a fair size space between the front row of seats and the stage, and you will always get people dancing at concerts – if all Neil and Martin wanted to do was sit and watch they should have sat upstairs where there is less room.

You cannot go to a UB40 concert and not be moved to dance by their music.

I was born in Birmingham and I have followed UB40 since before they were famous, and I have been to an untold number of their concerts. This is the first time I have seen anyone complain.

My advice to anyone going to a concert is if you only want to sit and watch, sit in the upstairs part of the venue.

Rick Bell

Hurstmere Avenue, South Shore


Covered area plan isn’t weather proof

I agree with Clifford Chambers’ letter of May 30, that the idea of placing tables and chairs outside the revamped Tower Lounge, in Bank Hey Street, has not taken into account that the area is very windy.

In recent years, it has been reported that there were plans to place a glass canopy over Bank Hey Street, joining the Tower building with the shops opposite.

As well as reducing the effects of the wind, it was intended to create a new events space.

This could have seen some Tower entertainment brought into the shopping area and escalators would have provided access to different floors of the lower Tower building.

The cost was put at £800,000. What happened to this excellent idea?

Harold Eastwood



Sports pitch failing to make its mark

With local authorities forever pleading their cash-strapped status – might I make a bold suggestion to save Wyre Council a bob or two.

Every other week, I spy workers out on the field adjoining Marsh Mill and the doctors surgery, dutifully marking out a sports pitch.

I can’t help but come to the conclusion such an action, while worthy in the context of encouraging more folk to get active, is – to put it bluntly – pointless.

That’s not because parts of the field quickly become waterlogged whenever it rains (which they do).

And it’s not because the goalmouths at either end have all the botanical qualities of the Gobi Desert (which they do).

It is simply because not once have I seen an organised sporting event taking place.

Given that there seems to be ample pitch capacity on the other side of the bridge, next to the YMCA, and given Fleetwood Town Football Club’s investment in new community pitches less than a mile away, is there really any need for such a half-hearted attempt at a sporting facility?

The main use for the field is as a dog walking area, picnic spot and gathering place for teens, whose casual kickabouts rarely pay any attention to the ‘marked sporting area’.

Indeed, one might be mistaken, were it not for the signage, that this was a village green, and a darned good one too.

Perhaps a designation as such would remove the need to send a man to mark out the unused pitch.

It wouldn’t save a great deal, but, as one once profitable supermarket so graciously pointed out – every little helps.

M Thatcher



Get your groove on for a Zumbathon

It’s our Huge Charity Zumbathon event this Saturday, June 6, at St Annes YMCA, St Albans Rd, St Annes, where Zumba instructors Leigh Hamilton and Zumba Suzy will lead some 300 Zumba fans in this zumbatastic fitness extravaganza in aid of Fylde Homestart and Pear Tree School.

Town Crier Mr Colin Ballard will officiate, and the raffle carries a star prize of a Beach Day at St Annes Beach Huts.

With a DJ, stage and disco lights, it’s set to be the biggest Zumbathon the North West has ever seen! All are welcome, and there is a kids Zumba too.

Andrew Noble

Derbe Rd, St Annes


Collectors’ tactics are ‘in your face’

Is it just me, or are there more and more charity collectors on the streets of Blackpool?

I am not against collections for good causes, but I would rather they did not keep getting “in your face”.

I am sure they are hired help, but this aggressive fund-raising can do the charities they represent no credit.

B Smith