Letters - June 3, 2011

Blackpool Town Hall
Blackpool Town Hall
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HERE we go, here we go, here we go. Oh, sorry! Forgot to replace my Seasiders’ head with my council taxpayer one.

At long last we have a ruling party that is cutting a swathe through the serried ranks at the council (Gazette June 1).

Not of the poor foot soldiers, but the so-called ‘top brass’, who must accept responsibility for the waste and costly mismanagement over the past four years.

Why only five? With several thousand council employees there must surely be more than five ‘chiefs’ eligible for the chop? After all, the ‘indians’ culled recently numbered in their hundreds.

Surely the chief executive and ousted leader of the council Peter Callow got their priorities badly wrong?

The axe should have fallen on the highest paid posts first.


Station Road


NOT quite a wholesale clear out at the town hall, but at least the new Labour Council has made a start.

Congratulations to leader of the council, Simon Blackburn, for hitting the ground running.

The long-suffering council taxpayers have at last got something to cheer about. Let’s have more of it.

Couple of questions. If the chief executive can recommend ditching these top posts now, why could he not have restructured when the recession started to bite? Saving at least a million pounds over the two years in the process.

Secondly, why is he waiting until the end of the year to go? Something to do with a bigger pension, or what? By not replacing him, millions will be saved over the years when you take into account pension rights and other perks.

Eric Pickles got it right. Why do cities and towns need a chief executive at all when there are very highly paid second and third tier departmental heads?


Westmorland Road


BLACKPOOL residents who feel the new E-ON street lights spoil the subdued ambience of their neighbourhood, and, in exchange, get the floodlit glare that would befit any football field, should complain.

We are constantly being warned of the effects of global warming etc, but suddenly high-powered street-lights are de rigueur for residents, who feel they have no say. Do you really want, in 2011, to have to consider blackout curtains in order to sleep?


Fordway Avenue