Letters - June 29

Former Mecca site on Central Drive, Blackpool.
Former Mecca site on Central Drive, Blackpool.
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HAS the council bought a job lot of grass seeds or turf?

It is certainly not greening the Prom, because most of the grassed areas turn brown as soon as the contractors depart. That’s what uncared for grass does.

Yet ‘bricklands’ are sprouting up in areas where residents would welcome green mini parks or town squares.

The former Mecca site on Rigby Road, the much-loved indoor bowling centre on Talbot Road and, most recently, the large area on Coronation Street next to Houndshill. All three council-owned sites have lain fallow for months.

No grass seeds or turf left?

Further up Adelaide Street, hotels were demolished, the site levelled, tarmac laid, lines painted and money began pouring into the private car park owner’s pockets within a matter of a few weeks. Enough said.


South Promenade


I WOULD like to register my anger concerning the recent change in female state pension rights.

Having reluctantly accepted the initial changes that were introduced many years ago, and, in some respects, given time to adjust her life plan, my wife finds the recent changes mean she will have to wait a further two years to receive her old age pension, by which time she will be almost 65.

If that was not bad enough, she now realises that if she had been born a few months earlier, she could have claimed her pension at 63.

So initially having had time to plan for her retirement, to change from 60 to 62 plus, she is now faced with the loss of another two years’ pension at short notice, without the ability to plan for the shortfall.

This has adversely affected our plans for retirement, and can only be described as grossly unfair.

I realise we are facing an economic crisis but, in a democracy, taxpayers’ contributions should be used only for the benefit of those taxpayers and not on frivolous luxuries. I could go on, but the cost of immigration and overseas aid spring to mind.


Pinewood Avenue


I HAD the pleasure of going with my hotelier friend to the coffee morning at the North Pier for a preview of the seven different attractions this summer there.

I would just like to say what a great morning, and lovely to see some good first class acts, with a taster of what will be on offer this year.

This was really going back to the entertainment we had in Blackpool many years ago.

We were entertained by Bobby Ball, of Cannon and Ball, who introduced Stu Francis. Then we had Jake and Elwood from the Blues Brothers Show, and the wonderful Houghton Weavers, from the Grumbleweeds Show.

To learn the train will be back on the pier to take you up and down to the theatre is also wonderful news.

Congratulations to the Sedgewick family for bringing this old beauty back to life, it really is looking so nice after a facelift.

They could not have found anyone more experienced than Dougie Chapman to be producing these shows for them, and I for one will be a regular customer for this real talent and clean comedians.


London Road