Letters - June 27, 2013

Teachers outside Blackpool Town Hall during previous strike action. Below: Sam Ud-Din, Lancashire secretary for the NUT.
Teachers outside Blackpool Town Hall during previous strike action. Below: Sam Ud-Din, Lancashire secretary for the NUT.
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Teacher support

Strike must be backed

In spite of the disruption caused, today’s teachers’ strike must be supported.

The NUT and NASUWT are rightly disgusted about the treatment of their members who are being told to contribute more to their pensions in order to receive diminishing returns.
The strike should serve as a wake-up call to this discredited Government which has also undermined teachers’ professional status with its insistence upon introducing dotty curriculums and attempted forced academisations.
It’s time for teachers and the public to tell Cameron, Gove and their cronies enough is enough.

Coun Martin Mitchell

Layton ward

Mystery vehicle

Boat car was a transport

Regarding the ‘boat car’ pictures (Lost Archives, June 21); this vehicle was just the means of transporting people from Central Promenade to the pleasure boats anchored at sea depending on the situation of the tide.
It certainly wasn’t supposed to float,just run into the sea, and transfer the people.
The pleasure boats sailed in late 1940s and 1950s..

Brian Howe

South Shore

paltry offering

Give heroes a medal

My father who was an air gunner on Lancaster Bombers has received his clasp – it is a Milton with a piece of tin with the words ‘Bomber Command’ on.
 I don’t know why they have bothered producing this as I think it is an insult. For all the thousands of young men who died, why could they not receive a medal?
My father, who will be 89 this year, volunteered at the age of 18. If I thought it would not upset him I would send the so-called clasp back, but apart from his other medals this is the only recognition for bomber command.

Name and address

New troop

Well done to Scouts

Can I through your letters page make you aware of the 4th Blackpool Scout troop (Grange Park)?
This is a fairly new troop, they are working very hard with their leaders to improve the lives of our British servicemen abroad.
This is a troop to be proud of, it has taken on a challenge called Operation Ice Pop.
The soldiers in Afghanistan are desperate for ice pops to help cool them down. The troop will be fund-raising to pay for luxury goods to send out to our lads, mostly ice pops, tea, coffee. One of the RAF fire rescue lads grew up on Grange Park he is now on his third tour of Afghanistan and looks forward to parcels from home, the lads on the base share all their parcels with each other.
4th Blackpool Scouts and leaders are putting a lot of hard work into this project. I am so grateful to have a Scout troop working and sending parcels,out to our lads.
A big thank you to Peter, Mark and the boys.

Mrs S Broadley

via email

Traffic hell

Drive? Take a tram...

Does Blackpool Council deliberately target the busiest times to carry out roadworks?
I’m sick to the back teeth of having to sit in a queue of traffic, barely moving, with tonnes of fumes pouring out of cars.
The work on Squires Gate Lane looks appalling – it’s on then off then back on again. It seems as though there are no contingency plans to help motorists get around these constant road closures.

We’re not bad people, we understand there’s going to be disruption when it comes to the likes of the town centre regeneration work.

But give us a break... and a few roads that have no temporary traffic lights on, for the good of our sanity.
It’s enough to make you want to take a tram, or even worst, shudder the thought, one of the town’s buses to take the stress out of the situation.

Paul Munster

Faringdon Avenue, South Shore


Contradictory Blackpool

What a conundrum Blackpool is. We visited last week and saw the very best and worst of human behaviour.
A wonderful time at the Zoo and in Stanley Park, where families enjoyed the sun’s rays and pleasant surroundings.
We had a great time in The Sandcastle on our first visit there ever – what a place!
But all that sits uncomfortably with the rowdy and downright scary folk maurauding around the town centre. We could not believe the bizarre state of people through drink/drugs or whatever else was affecting them. It’s time to move on from the boozy days of old. Blackpool needs to keep its family tag.

Claire Allen