Letters - June 27, 2011

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I HAVE attended many meetings where the people of Preesall have been assured the storage of gas in caverns under the River Wyre was perfectly safe.

Time after time, at those meetings, the dangers of the old brine workings to gas storage has been brought up and dismissed as scaremongering or NIMBYism.

Well, the events of Saturday June 18 have nailed that particular assumption.

It turns out the so-called scaremongering and NIMBYism has a firm foundation, as a brine well in Back Lane Preesall blew its top.

After years of assurances by experts that there was nothing to worry about, the unexpected actually happened.

The people of Preesall deserve a thorough, independent, geological investigation as to the possible interaction of the proposed gas storage caverns with the old salt workings.

It is far too important to the safety of Preesall not to do this as soon as possible.

If Halite decide to walk away from this development because of what has happened, who will protect Preesall from the collapse of these wells, should this happen again?


Preesall Ward

MAY I thank Celia for arranging, and Dynasty and Alexis for cutting the ribbon at the official launch of our new fund-raising shop.

Manager Ann Nyland and her dedicated band of volunteers strove very hard to ensure the event was a huge success.

Special thanks to Dynasty and Alexis, who dressed up for the occasion and mingled with everyone in the shop. Nothing was too much trouble and they posed for endless photos.

The shop raises funds for our local self-supporting RSPCA Blackpool and North Lancs branch, where we are maintaining Longview Animal Centre at its current site, while funding a rebuild at Stalmine.

All monies raised go towards alleviating animal suffering and rehoming the abused, neglected and abandoned animals entrusted into our care.

If anyone wishes to make a donation however small please send to Hon. Sec. at Longview Animal Centre, Division Lane, Blackpool.


Honorary Branch Secretary


I FEEL I must comment on the recent controversy surrounding euthanasia.

I watched the BBC programme with a great degree of compassion and the depiction of the courage, love and humility of an incredible human looking for a solution to his ever increasing, incurable disability was heartbreaking.

None of us knows what the future holds.

I would like to think friends and family would remember a highly intelligent and articulate man who retained his dignity to the end.


Mooretree Drive