Letters - June 26, 2013

RATEPAYERS' EXPENSE Reader Keith Hallam suggests computer simulations of road layouts have ground Blackpool to a halt
RATEPAYERS' EXPENSE Reader Keith Hallam suggests computer simulations of road layouts have ground Blackpool to a halt
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Central Drive traffic

Will it be altered?

Just about all the plans put forward by council ‘un-planners’ for the last 20 years at least, have been utter, utter, failures.

The latest, for Central Drive (Gazette, June 24) has a spokesman saying “traffic computer simulation modelling demonstrates these designs work well.” Unbelievable!

This will be the same computer simulation modelling that has ground Blackpool to a halt, with junction layouts that have been altered more than once, traffic light layouts and timing that have been altered more than once, crossing points that have been altered more than once, taxi ranks that have been altered more than once, bus stops that have been altered more than once, roads and pavements re-laid more than once.... and more, much more to come.

At ratepayers’ expense of course.

Incompetence on a grand scale and who is behind it?

It can’t all be the fault of the computer simulation modelling, can it?

I can visualise someone coming in to Tech Services on a Monday morning after a really miserable weekend, stabbing the point of a pair of dividers into a map of Blackpool and going ‘Ya ha ha ha haaaa, that’s what we’ll stuff up next!’

Keith Hallam

First Avenue


Methodist church show

Singers excellent

We went to see a show at Central Methodist Church in Blackpool on June 20.

I didn’t know what to expect,but it was the best show I had ever seen.

From the youngest to the oldest (aged five to 80), the comedy singing and dancing was excellent.

Lovely costumes complemented everyone.

I wouldn’t normally pick anyone out, as they were all very good.

But they had a guest singer who would give any 
X Factor winner a run for their money.

Her rendition of the Man That Got Away was as good as the great lady Judy Garland.

It made the hair on my neck stand up.

Betty Henry


County Durham

District nurses

Grateful to them

We wish to thank all the people who supported us and kept us both sane during the period we cared for our ‘auntie Winnie’.

Debbie Harris, community matron, was there for us at our hour of need, delivering impeccably high standards of care in a truly empathetic and professional manner.

We cannot praise her highly enough. We owe our own sanity and health to her, and we will be eternally grateful to her for delivering us safely through the caring process.

Leanne Moran was very attentive and took time to understand the problems we needed to overcome.

Once she understood she then delivered the items that made our lives easier. We will never be able to thank her enough for the way she cared.

Thanks also to the district nurses, the twilight and night nurse teams.

Many strangers came into our home, each one as compassionate and caring as the other.

They are a truly professional, thoughtful and attentive group of people.

Peter and Lynne Wild

Newton Drive

Asbo changes

Reduce crime

Regarding the article about Gordon Marsden MP on changes to Asbos (Gazette, June 22).

Mr Marsden has grasped the seriousness posed to us by crime and cuts in the police service.

He also blasts the changes from Asbos to injunctions (if they are breached this will not be an offence).

I wonder how many Asbos were breached in the past –
50 per cent?

This means criminals will be free to commit more crime.

Crime is an inevitable part of our lives and it cannot be eradicated.

Crime can be reduced but not by cuts in the police.

Blackpool is a holiday town and more crime and anti-social behaviour is committed.

Mrs P O’Connor

Portland Road


Lost archives

How about a book?

What a lovely lovely idea it was to publish your Lost Archives.

Congratulations to all concerned.

To read the superb columns by Harold Grime and his fabulous command of language in these horrible ‘texting’ days is a delight.

I relish every word.

The picture he paints of an era never to be seen again 
really is outstanding.

Would it not be possible to hope that there may be a 
glossy book sometime?

Margaret Anne Bennison


Editor’s Note: Following the 
fantastic response from readers to our Lost Archives, a book is certainly something we are considering. Watch this space!

sound of music

They did it justice

The Sound of Music at the Grand Theatre was a wonderful production which took me back to the magical day I first watched it at the King Edward Cinema. The cast did the whole show justice.

Well done to all the performers and thankyou for a lovely evening.

Mrs Kathy McLaughey

Blackpool Old Road