Letters - June 25, 2013

Sheila Powell has been complaining to the council for several years about the state of graves and the general condition of Layton cemetery.
Sheila Powell has been complaining to the council for several years about the state of graves and the general condition of Layton cemetery.
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Graves maintenance

Difficult job

Some money should be spent on cutting grass at Layton Cemetery.

Twenty years ago my mother agreed to have the marble surrounds removed from our family monument to facilitate lawns around the area.

She had previously paid to have the plot maintained in perpetuity, the lawn area has never materialised.

If using a power mower instead of hand cutting is a problem because of the grave surrounds, I would suggest the council placed a public notice in the paper to say all grave surrounds would be removed by a certain date unless an objection is received by a certain date.

The same notice could be placed at each entrance to the cemetery.

It would then be possible to use power mowers instead of six extra staff cutting the grass by hand for six weeks which I feel is a complete waste of time and would not solve the problem.

Is this the light in which the council wishes itself to be seen, allowing areas of local importance to residents to fall into neglect?

Sheila Powell


We are the Friends of Layton Cemetery and would like to express our thanks to Blackpool Council for doing the best they can under the circumstances to keep up the appearance of the cemetery.

There has been an increase in the number of gardeners, and the area they deal with covers 8.5 acres.

The cemetery is 140 years old . It was opened in 1873, so some of the gravestones are of that age.

So it is a great task to keep it up to scratch. We really appreciate what they do.

The Friends of
Layton Cemetery

Dog walker’s thanks

Footpath cleared

A lovely dog walk by the side of St Nicholas’s School, Marton, had always been kept clear by a man who lives nearby.

This year after buying a new mower he had decided that enough was enough and with no volunteer helpers emerging, he would not continue with this painstaking task.

Earlier in the year I myself had cleared the paths of litter and fruitlessly attempted with some rusty sheers to keep the paths free of nettles

Imagine my delight last Saturday, a cold wet and miserable day, to find my beautiful walk back again.

All the paths had been cleared, it was a delight.

Thank you so much to whoever was responsible – you have made one resident plus dog very happy.

Vivienne Black

School Road


Bispham High school

Others are full

I cannot agree more with Margaret Crawford that Bispham High school should remain on its present site (Letters, June 20).

Apart from the travel implications Margaret Crawford has already mentioned, it appears more new houses are to be built at Norcross..

Anchorsholme and Norbreck primary schools have already had new builds added to their schools to provide for the pupils
 already on roll.

There has been talk of a new school being built in the centre of Blackpool, to add to the traffic problems already there.

Montgomery school cannot accommodate all pupils.

Bispham High is an excellent school , in the ideal position to serve the pupils from the north of the town, with accessible transport within easy reach.

Would the education department, and Blackpool Council tell us which school they expect future pupils to attend?

As the ‘new school’ on Collegiate site will also be full, if they close Bispham?

Jennifer Roberts

Norbreck Road


Traffic light woes

Still being raised

On February 23 this year, The Gazette printed my letter as under the headline of ‘Changes need to be explained’ regarding the alterations that are being made around the town to traffic lights.

At the end of my letter, I wondered if the transport manager would explain why these changes are being made.

Another writer Bob Craven (Letters ,June 21)has now made exactly the same very valid points that I raised a few months ago.

My letter followed a previous comment by someone who had been caught out by a red light.

As far as I am aware, no explanation has ever been given as why these confusing, potentially dangerous and apparently unnecessary changes are being made.

Is this a case of the person who is making these decisions, not being a road user themselves?

David Squires

Hawes Side Lane


Junction hold ups

Do work quickly

I agree with Coun Peter Evans (Gazette, June 24), that it has taken a ridiculously long time to carry out signals replacement work at the Squires Gate Lane and Common Edge Road junction.

This is one of the busiest intersections in the town, taking tourist traffic and commuter traffic to the Blackpool Business Park.

Get it sorted!

(Name and

address supplied)