Letters - June 24, 2014

Rod Stewart concert at Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road ground. Rod on stage.
Rod Stewart concert at Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road ground. Rod on stage.
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Answers for town

Consider the success of the Rod Stewart concert this weekend here in Blackpool, and the outside money that has gone into the local businesses off the back of it.

Taxis, restaurants, pubs, shops, and of course accommodation providers will have all benefitted. The answer for the use of the Central Station site has been presented to everyone concerned. A multi-purpose arena with conference centre added to it, has got to be the only way forward.

The site of the old Mecca would have been ideal but the planners seem to think people would like to live sandwiched between a football ground and leisure park, so houses are to be built there. The council need to speak to potential investors now, with incentives to get this off the ground.

Forget new hotels and shops on the site we need something to bring money into the town to help the hotels and shops and other businesses that are already here.

Blackpool is proud of being at the forefront in providing top entertainment, but is now way behind when it comes to major artists on a regular basis. Blackpool needs a venue that can run alongside the likes of the Manchester and Liverpool arenas. The Winter Gardens, Grand Theatre and other smaller venues will not be affected, only maybe in an increase of revenue as more people will visit the town.

The football ground concert although a success, is limited for its use for this type of event. The biggest contribution it has given Blackpool is the blueprint to this arena plan, no need for any more surveys; the proof’s in the pudding and the stale surroundings that are currently on show in Blackpool.

Blackpool planners and all concerned – make a name for yourself and put the name of Blackpool back on the entertainment map, and bring some light to the end of what has been a long, hard, dark tunnel.

Gary Clare

Address supplied


Lights not needed

Despite all the letters saying how well the traffic flow has been since the lights weren’t operational at the Walburga’s roundabout, they have pressed ahead ignoring everyone and – hey presto – we are all sat in long queues again.

The new lights are a complete waste of public money and are now causing worse congestion than before.

Don’t use ‘safety’ as an excuse whoever is responsible – that’s nonsense.

The new crossings for pedestrians at Newton Drive work perfectly well and there are no traffic lights there.

Whoever is responsible for this total waste of public money is not fit to be in the job.

James Ashcroft

Devonshire Road, Blackpool


Jail for directors

I am completely against fracking anywhere in the UK. Once a water-table is contaminated there is no way back and the companies applying for these ecological disasters know this and don’t care. 
There is enough evidence from the USA to show this. I’m appalled that the leaders of this country can see no further than the money... and that is all this ‘rush to frack’ is.
Money and the devil take the hindmost. If it was safe, France and Germany would be onto it like a shot.
What is needed is a law to say for every frack contamination, all the directors of the company involved get a mandatory 10-year jail sentence, then see who is willing to take the chance!

Keith Hallam

First Avenue, Blackpool


Help to deter pests

Like many people, I love to encourage wildlife into my garden and put out food and water for all creatures furred and feathered, but some people do not. While the organisation Animal Aid argues that all animals have intrinsic rights, they also seek practical and workable alternatives to the cruelty of culling. To that end they have produced a series of fact sheets to help people humanely deter rodents, birds, foxes and squirrels from their gardens.
They can be ordered from info@animalaid.org.uk by calling 01732 364546 or writing to Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1AW.
Animal Aid exposes and campaigns peacefully against all animal abuse and promotes a cruelty free lifestyle. There is a membership and new members are always welcome.

Josephine Harwood

Moor Park Avenue, Bispham

Compulsory purchasing

Just buy eyesores

Why can’t the council compulsory purchase these failing commercial properties?

This happened to me in 1982 with a house my wife owned and rented to her sister, who left suddenly owing rent. Within two weeks, I received a compulsory purchase on a very good property on Chadwick Street.
A whole terrace was involved; because I didn’t live there I was paid £50. If I was a resident, it would of been substantially more.
One owner complained to the Esther Rantzen TV show. Esther stated on television that it was legalised robbery – perfectly good property.

Why can’t this be applied to the very many dilapidated hotels, guest houses and vacant long term properties?

I won’t hold my breath for an answer.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue,