Letters - June 23, 2015

St Annes Flower festival at St Thomas Church.  Pictured is Wendy Mutton.
St Annes Flower festival at St Thomas Church. Pictured is Wendy Mutton.
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My experience says we will benefit

As a local person, born in Blackpool, who previously worked for Cuadrilla I want to share my first-hand experience of the benefit they bring to Lancashire.

Before working for Cuadrilla, I’d been in the army for five years and after leaving the services, I found it difficult to get a job.

In 2011 I was taken on by Cuadrilla as a well service technician, and since then Cuadrilla has invested in my career and I’ve worked at Annas Rd, Preese Hall, Grange Hill and Becconsall.

It hasn’t always been easy working on these sites in the face of protest and abuse, but the professionalism from colleagues has always been exemplary.

On all sites we worked closely with government agencies especially the Environment Agency and also the Health and Safety Executive.

It’s only from working in this industry that I’ve learnt how many oil and gas wells there are around the UK – most people are not even aware of these, as a completed well is predominantly in a cellar below ground level and very low key.

The shale gas industry will be beneficial to Lancashire, and it will create employment so other people can have the opportunity I did.

Cuadrilla’s operations across the county will require numerous rig crew personnel along with geologists, engineers, electricians and mechanics.

The positive effects will also be seen by local businesses, Cuadrilla will use local plant hire companies and staff will rely on local hotels, guest houses, supermarkets and shops.

I hope Cuadrilla is granted planning permission for these new wells this week, so the people in Lancashire can begin to fully benefit from the opportunities shale gas exploration brings.

Neil Harrison



I know Cuadrilla will bring work

My company provides managed IT services to companies across the United Kingdom, from our administrative offices in the Fylde.

If Cuadrilla’s planning applications are approved this week, we plan to hire two new network engineering members of staff; they would be based within Lancashire and one function of their jobs would be to monitor and support Cuadrilla’s infrastructure.

Planning approval will lead to the creation and support of not just Lancashire based oil and gas specialist jobs, but local jobs (with transferable skills) throughout the supply chain. Helping qualified local residents build careers in the local area.

I hope Lancashire County Council will look favourably upon Cuadrilla’s planning application.

Sean Lord

Director of Network Box Technology (UK) Ltd



I’d be tickled if Ken Dodd were gonged

Yes, indeed, Jacqui Morley (Look At It This Way, June 12). Not many of the Blackpool public would disagree. We can’t do much to get him a knighthood, but we could give him something which would please him just as much – the Freedom of Blackpool.

Why should Jimmy Armfield be the only one with this honour ?

Doddy’s career took off in Blackpool. He has appeared every year since. His popularity does not fade. His is the last serious link with the golden age of the Music Hall.

It wouldn’t cost much to give him this accolade, a scroll and a casket to shove it in, even throw in a brand new tickling stick with Blackpool running all through it. People would be queueing up to buy a ticket at a civic lunch for him in the Spanish Hall. You could be sure he’d want to front a Gala Show at the Opera House in his honour.

Damn it Blackpool, we could make money out of such a ceremony !

Going on for 90, surely he deserves our highest praise.

David Owen

Westcliffe Drive



Floral display was an absolute delight

I was taken through a Floral Journey through flowers at St Thomas’ Church in St Annes, where a fragrance-filled church delighted visitors with astounding floral displays.

In aid of HomeStart Fylde and St Thomas’ Church, Lytham St Annes Floral Society hosted a special flower festival celebrating the Christian faith through more than 20 beautiful, original, some unusual arrangements.

I was very moved by this display which included displays of Our Garden Town By The Sea, Our Town Flag and indeed a peregrine falcon, celebrating the two falcons which live in the church tower.

The event had something for everyone. Well done to all who worked so hard.

Andrew Noble

Derbe Road, St Annes