Letters - June 22, 2012

Speed camera
Speed camera
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I DISAGREE with your correspondent Richard Hook’s adverse opinion of speed cameras and his view that 50 cameras could be replaced by one unmarked car manned by an experienced traffic officer (Letters, June 14).

On Preston New Road (eastbound) there are three speed cameras between Oxford Square and Mythop Road and these have the observable effect of lowering driving speeds.

In contrast, I live on a section of Park Road between Oxford Square and Bloomfield Road, which has no speed cameras. I estimate that on weekdays scores of vehicles pass my house at speeds in excess of 40mph.

A speed camera located near the junction of Park Road and Laurel Avenue would certainly put the brakes on northbound speeding above 30mph.


Park Road


HOW can Coun Tim Ashton even contemplate seeking to justify the proposal to dispense with paper bus timetables on cost saving grounds (Gazette June 8), when his own department is spending in excess of £9m implementing an unenforceable 20mph speed limit?

I’ve voted Tory for more than 40 years but will not vote for this current group again until they show some consideration for the local taxpayers.


(Address supplied)

Beware of sea

WITH regard to sea safety, the problem has always been that people are off their guard when in holiday mode.

When my husband and I came to live in Blackpool 15 years ago, we almost got encircled by the sea.

It all happened so quickly.

All the signposting in the world won’t alter the fact that it’s not easy being on the ball when you’re relaxed and having fun, especially for a child.


We would pay for fares

REGARDING free buses and trams for OAPs, my husband and I go to Blackpool and Fleetwood three times a week.

We would willingly pay 50p a ride to help revenue.

The service is good and comfortable and the trams are brilliant.


Smith Road


WITH all the celebrating for the Queen’s Jubilee and Euro 2012, I would like to remind everyone of the most important event of all.

From June 23 until July 1 it is the Armed Forces Week, and without these veterans we would not have the freedom to enjoy these other activities.

If anyone would like to show their support, they can get a programme from the tourist office or go to www.visit- blackpool.com/forces.


Anselm Court


HMS Illustrious Association is looking for people who have served on the fourth (1939-1957) or (1982-present day) HMS Illustrious, or family members of those who did. For further information please contact me at the address below.


236 Gossops Drive


RH11 8LH

Email: mp.brock@hotmail.co.uk