Letters - June 21, 2013

Super Voyager, which would run on a Blackpool to London line
Super Voyager, which would run on a Blackpool to London line
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London connection

Key to business

The Government wants to set up two enterprise zones in the North West.

It hopes jobs will be created and industry will be attracted to these zones because we have a good transport infrastructure, i.e roads, railway and an airport.

Within a couple of weeks these hopes have been shattered by one word – privatisation.

Network Rail is spending a large amount of money in electrifying the line from Preston to Blackpool, yet it is said Richard Branson’s proposal to run two trains a day to London will bring chaos to the system.

If this is the way Network Rail run a railway then we have no chance of these enterprise zones ever working.

Will business leaders ever decide to travel if we have a second rate railway system that does not connect with the capital?

If Network Rail and the rail regulator get away with not allowing Virgin Rail to run this system, then we might as well tell the Government to abandon the electrification of this route.

Blackpool is one of the busiest tourist resorts in the country, yet people cannot get a train direct to the capital.

It is time the railway was brought back under state control like the rest of the railway systems in Europe.

Will this area ever be able to invest in its future?

We have no chance if 
obstacles are put in the way 
by privatised companies like Network Rail.

B. Fare

Station Road


All train services into Blackpool are, at present, diesel operated.

The line from Preston is currently being electrified causing a great deal of disruption on the roads and costing a vast amount of money.

Has anybody asked Network Rail why this is happening when there is, apparently, no intention of running any electric trains into Blackpool?

Could it be a case of revenge against Sir Richard Branson for daring to challenge the decision to end the Virgin franchise on the West Coast main line?

Alan Millington

Cornwall Avenue


Traffic lights

Driver confusion

What’s happened to Blackpool’s traffic lights?

Something has gone astray.

Over the last couple of years the traffic lights in Blackpool have been changed twice. Why is that?

Previously the lights have always had a repeater light across the road from the junction .

This repeater informs any driver who has to stop through the lights and actually into the junction, maybe in order to turn right or because of another hold up, when the lights have started to change back to red.

It is then upon his or her discretion as to proceed or not though generally they will have to move or cause an accident or obstruction.

The new lighting installations now put in place on at least six junctions that I know of, do not have this facility.

That is they do not have a repeater facing them across the junction.

This leads to all sorts of problems, not least that the driver no longer knows if the lights are changing against him and giving him or her the opportunity to decide what to do.

They become stuck in no man’s land so to speak, delaying any movement because they don’t know that the lights are changing or have indeed changed.

Many of the new lights in place have three lights facing in the direction of oncoming traffic.

Two directly or at least just past the line with the junction and a third some two meters past it on the nearside.

All it requires is for that third light to be turned round 180 degrees and face to oncoming traffic and all will work well again. Simple.

Bob Craven

Walverden Avenue


Our feline friends

Cats eye view

The recent Horizon programme The Secret Life of the Cat (BBC2) was really interesting to both cat and non-cat owners alike. It really showed how little we know about what our cats get up to!

From our point of view here at St Annes Cat Rescue, we hope it will alter people’s perception of feral cats .

We hope it will especially encourage farmers and stable owners to consider having a feral cat or two to help with their rodent problems.

We have more than40 ferals waiting to be placed in new homes, all tested, neutered, wormed and microchipped.

The programme will also hopefully allay people’s fears as to cats’ impact on wildlife.

How we would love to have one of the GPS systems for one of the cattery cats who has started going missing for hours on end.

We suspect she is in someone’s house – but where?

Christine Ashton

St Annes Cat Rescue

(01253 720357)

Street collection

Thanks for support

I would like to thank everyone for their kind donations when we held our street collection in Cleveleys on Saturday June 15 on behalf of ‘Prevent Unwanted Pets’ (PUP). We collected £100.40 which will be put to good use helping animals in need.

Kathy M. Pate

Buttermere Avenue