Letters - June 20. 2013

The Memorial Rose Garden at Carleton Crematorium is in poor condition claims our correspondent
The Memorial Rose Garden at Carleton Crematorium is in poor condition claims our correspondent
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Father’s Day

Why so noisy?

I would like to share my findings with you about Carleton Crematorium on Father’s Day.

What has happened to respect and dignity?

I wanted to pay my respect to my dad on Father’s Day by visiting his gravestone at the crematorium.

He who I learnt my respect from, he who taught me to be dignified and mindful of others.

If he was here today he would have been appalled as I am.

The crem resembled a car park. I might as well have been in Blackpool town centre due to the noise.

Children running around playing, parents yelling at the top of their voices, cars parked up on the grass near to the gravestones.

I am realistic and did not expect a solemn atmosphere.

It was Father’s Day and bound to be busy.

I was at my limit when I decided to leave. There was no quiet time to remember my dad.

I walked back to my car parked outside and was knocked off my feet by a car entering the crem – clearly going too fast.

Why must people drive into the crem?

Why cannot able bodied people make a few minutes more to walk over to the gravestones?

Why cannot parents tell their children to be quiet when entering the crem?

Why cannot parents be respectful enough not to shout while they are in there?

What has happened to respect? It was totally absent on Sunday.

Ms Pam Brown

(by email)

Wyre traffic congestion

No sign of relief

Coun Peter Gibson, leader of Wyre Council, said: “Anything that improves the traffic flow on the A585 and the Bourne Way pinch point in particular should be welcomed”
(Gazette, June 13).

Really? Anyone can see the plan will reduce the congestion on the A585 by diverting traffic onto the side roads, the benefits for the A585 will 
occur as a result for the maze of rat runs that will be created .

The junctions at Morrison’s and Norcross are much worse.

If Coun Gibson seriously believes anything that reduces congestion on the A585 should be welcomed, perhaps he could reflect his views to the council planners, oh I forgot Coun Gibson is the leader!

Wyre Council planners have authorised mass developments around the area and sought no money from developers for traffic reduction, the A585 isn’t just congested, so is Fleetwood Road etc.

In fact it’s hard to see how any more developments can be sustained without bringing the area to a standstill, but Wyre planners still want to build many more houses and given their shocking history of ignoring traffic concerns they will go ahead.

The bottom line is this: Coun Gibson is the leader of a council, whose ‘planners’ over the last decade have done everything possible to increase congestion on the A585 and local roads, the results we now see.

His council will no doubt push ahead with more houses on the Norcross site as well.

He and his colleagues must accept responsibility for the mess we are currently in. Let’s not forgot Wyre Council turned down the offer of the yellow route in 2005.

Here we are in 2013 and no sign of a relief road or reduction in congestion. Over to you Coun Gibson.

John Davies

Fleetwood Road


Urban art festival

A great success

As organiser of the international urban art festival, Sand Sea & Spray, I have to thank the artists, volunteers, and supporters including The Arts Council, Blackpool Council, and so many more for their support over the weekend.

The people of Blackpool embraced the event and the art work and that is so rewarding.

More than 100 people work on the event most of who are volunteers and give their time so generously.

The festival is now regarded as the premier urban art event in the UK after only three years with artists from Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, New York, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy, Germany and Spain plus all corners of the UK and developing artists from Blackpool painting over the weekend

We calculated around 25,000 people saw the artwork taking place at the North Pier, Winter Gardens, Cookson Street car park and Deansgate.

I also have to thank The Gazette and your staff for their support and journalism skills in delivering great exposure. Blackpool ‘can’ be positive (sorry about the pun).

Here’s to the next time.

Robin Ross

Festival organiser

Control of dogs

Time to act

Why is it we still have uncontrollable dogs roaming free in public areas, parks where young children are very vulnerable to these dogs?

This is an incident waiting to happen.

I walk round Stanley Park most days with my dog on the lead, and hear many stories of dogs being attacked by other dogs that are out of control and owners being hurt trying to protect their dogs.

Why is this being allowed to happen?

Are we just waiting for a child to get hurt or worse before anything is done? Can we act upon this now before more harm is done.

Marie Foster

Coronation Street