Letters - June 2, 2015

John Barrowman
John Barrowman
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Barrowman show

The recent appearance of John Barrowman at the Opera House last Friday was not without its problems.

I read of the concert in a national newspaper in June 2014 and made contact with the sponsors.

I was given details of where my seat would be and I paid the booking fee and was told my ticket would be posted to me shortly.

Fast forward 11 months – three days before the show and no ticket!

Urgent phone calls to Ticketmaster and while no apologies for the huge delay, I was told they had printing problems and they hoped I would get my ticket in time!

I did, just 48 hours before the concert. The couple I sat next to in the theatre were even worse off. They got theirs with only 24 hours to go.

So I would warn anybody taking up these national newspaper announcements to expect a year’s wait and a close (curtain) call. After all this, what a fabulous evening john Barrowman gave us. He’s a consummate performer, oozing talent and charm.

Whether singing many of his top recordings or discussing his life involving his family, pets and partner Scott, with references accompanied by screened pictures.

In effect it was the full package and he ended with the encore singing ‘I am what I am’ and for me and a packed theatre that was excellent.

Neil Kendall

South Shore


Please help

I was shopping on the early afternoon of May 23 in and around Lidl, Bloomfield Road, Morrisons, Squires Gate, and Asda, Cherry Tree Road.

When I arrived home I found that I had lost my pearl and crystal bracelet.

I still have the matching necklace.

If anyone finds it I would appreciate a call. (Phone number supplied to the Gazette). There is a reward of 10 per cent of its value.

Mrs Pamela Crowley

Gregson Close



Commercial offence

It is time to remind certain people (you know who you are) that it is an offence to pick wild flowers for commercial use.

I recently observed someone, having picked an entire tub of wild flowers in Hambleton, leaving hardly any on the verge.

Wild flowers are becoming more scarce and need preserving for wildlife and for the enjoyment of all residents.

They are not there to enhance florists’ profit margins.

Arthur Wilkinson

Sunningdale Drive



Highfield Road Fun

Highfield Road Park celebrates its centenary this year and, as part of the celebrations, we will be holding our Annual Community Fun Day on Sunday June 7, from 12 – 4pm.

Everyone is welcome to come along, we will have a fun fair, side stalls, super tombola, refreshments for sale, a delicious cake stall, family fun races, dance displays by UDP – Urban Display Project and also a period fancy dress

Competitions for the children. Plus more surprises.

For further information ring Karen Tel 01253 312986 or 07905371947

Karen Pennington

Secretary of the Friends of Highfield Road Park

Britain’s got talent


Surely, I can’t be the only person disgusted by the gruesome behaviour of Jules O’Dwyer with her dog Matisse on Britain’s Got Talent?

For a dog trainer, it is beyond belief that she allows the dog to lick her face and stick its tongue in her mouth.

A dog that is allowed to do this with its owner will do it with anyone, especially little children whose faces are at a more convenient height for a dollop of dog saliva, 
possibly immediately after it licked its own bottom or chewed on something full of bacteria.

Then on stage, in full view of millions, the Tweedledim half of the Tweedledumdums picked up Matisse and put his own tongue in the dog’s mouth – yuck!

How can anyone take heed of hygiene warnings and supermarkets spreading salmonella and campylobacter with exhibitions like 
this for the vulnerable 
to see?

Keith Hallam,



FIFA spectacle

What is it about football that attracts the rampaging egotists of the world?

Oh yes, I see now. 

The spectacle of seeing Sepp Blatter retain his FIFA crown, despite all the years of corruption allegations, is simply staggering.

This week we had the revelation that South Africa paid £10m to win the World Cup in 2010.

Not a bribe not a fee, but to pay for “football development”. I would love FIFA to detail exactly how that money was spent.

What, with that pantomime and the one taking place at Bloomfield Road, it makes me despair about the future of the game.

J Ashcroft,