Letters - June 2, 2014

Wilky Dee
Wilky Dee
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My pet was attacked


My 13-year-old border collie was attacked by a dog outside Moor Park Medical Centre on Monday May 19.

My dog had to have an operation and is hopefully going to be OK.

My nine-year-old daughter was with me at the time and she is devastated.

It was very traumatic for me and all the people who witnessed it.

I think there were two men with the dog, and I’m sure it was a Staffy.

They did not say sorry or stay to see if my dog was OK.

I would like to warn other dog owners around 
Bispham to be careful.

It happened at around 3.30pm, so there were lots of children around, and next time it might not be a dog which is attacked, it might be a child.

I’m hoping the police can find out who owns this dog from the CCTV, and that he is made aware his dog should be on a lead at all times.

The owner should be made to say sorry and pay my vet bill, but he will get away with it.

It’s just another dog 
owner who is not 
responsible and the 
responsible dog owners are the ones that pay one way or another.

It should be law that all 
dogs should be on a lead at all times.

I would also like to thank all the lovely people passing by at the time and the staff from the Moor Park Medical Centre who helped me.

And thank you to Andrew Mellor veterinary surgeons who looked after my dog, Jazz.

Thank you to everyone who helped me.

Miss D. Whiteley

Denholme Grove


Show example on parking


In reply to the article in The Gazette ‘Staff anger grows over parking changes’ (Gazette May 27), let Coun John Jones and the rest of the councillors give a good example to the council staff by paying for their parking.

If I had made the mistakes this council makes in my business, I would be out of business.

So come on, councillors, give the staff a good 

Paul Smith

Anchorsholme Lane


Wilky dee will be missed

True gent

How sad it was reading that hypnotist Wilky Dee has died, aged 85.

He was a wonderful character of a man, a true entertainer and a gentleman.

I met him a number of times and even saw him while he was in Victoria Hospital, where he kept all the other patients entertained, even though he was ill.

What a kind, lovely man he was. Rest in Peace my friend, you’ll be missed dearly.

Carl Barratt

Ribble Road


Look out for dog thieves

Keep safe

Now the weather has 
improved, I have noticed more people are taking their dogs out shopping with them and leaving them tied up outside shops unattended while they do their shopping.

If this is something you do, then please be aware that dog thieves can take your dog in full view of the general public without anyone knowing they are not the owner. Please consider leaving your beloved pet in the safety of its own home in the future when you go out shopping. It is just not worth the risk and the heartache it would cause for both you and your dog, should you come out of the shop and find it gone.

Mrs. J. Harwood

Park Avenue


Fairer pay for nurses


Over the past three years, nursing staff in the NHS have had a cost of living pay freeze.

That pay freeze means nurses have, in real terms, taken a pay cut as the cost of living has gone up.

At the same time, many have faced significant organisational change, resulting in them being downgraded, and attempts to change other key terms and conditions of 

Now the Government’s proposal not to award nursing staff a one per cent pay rise adds insult to injury.

The Independent Pay Review Body recommended nurses and healthcare assistants should get a one per cent cost of living pay rise.

Last year, the Government said it was affordable. Now there’s been a u-turn and the Government has said it’s not affordable.

Last year, however, the NHS underspent by £3bn and that money was handed back to the Treasury. It would have been much better spent on NHS services and staff.

The RCN has written to MPs to raise the issue and highlight what an insult this is.

On June 5, Royal College of Nursing members and staff will be joining other trade unions in Fair Pay for the NHS protests, because our nurses, health visitors and healthcare assistants all deserve better.

The public can play a part and we would welcome their support in our campaign to 
ensure a fair outcome for nurses.

Joanne Kerr and Mike Travis

Council Members,Royal 
College of Nursing, 
North West Region