Letters - June 19, 2013

Blackpool date: Bob Dylan
Blackpool date: Bob Dylan
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Bob dylan concert

Tickets sold out

My wife and I went to the Winter Gardens box office at approximately 11.45am on Friday, the day tickets for the three Bob Dylan concerts went on sale, and were informed they were sold out.

I think it was a great coup to have attracted such a renowned artiste to the town but I also think to have sold out tickets so early highlights the need for the
town to have a far larger arena.

Artistes such as Dylan, not to mention Adele, Take That etc, are able to attract audiences of up to 20,000 a night.

Instead of some of the proposals for the Central car park area which would have been nine-day wonders, wouldn’t it make much more sense to attract an investor to fund the building of an arena plus a conference centre, plus a hotel on the site?

This would not only provide an adequate venue for concerts but also attract the major political parties etc, back to the town.

People attending events would probably stay over at least one night, those attending conferences would stay for the duration of the event.

This would generate a great deal of revenue for the town, not to mention the money that would accrue to the council for car parking fees, particularly as events would take place all year round.

Alan Millington

Cornwall Avenue


London train link

Connections poor

The main problem with the Blackpool to London link is not that it is not direct (only one train each way is what we would get, even if minds are changed), but the woeful timing of existing return connections at Preston.

At worst, having got to Preston from London in two hours, you may have to wait for at least 40 minutes for a connection to Blackpool on a platform open to the elements and a good walk from the nearest waiting room.

This can happen even if the train from London is on time.

If the London train is slightly late, it never occurs to operators to delay a Blackpool connector, if only for a few minutes, as used to happen when the railways were run for the convenience of passengers and not the operators.

Henry P.Bee

Lawsons Road


Patient health

Stats are wrong

I discovered nine years ago that thousands of patients in Norbreck and Anchorsholme were not really considered part of Blackpool.

My GP just told me all the 20,000 plus patients of the Cleveleys Health Centre will soon be included in the Blackpool statistics.

Perhaps now the BBC will stop saying if you live in Blackpool, you will die 10 years before you would if you lived down south?

The statistics were plainly wrong as they missed out those Blackpool residents that tend to live to a good age.

The Fylde coast used to attract somewhat healthy, wealthy and nice recently retired people.

Sadly low cost or no cost (to them) low quality rooms now attract too many with drug, drink and behaviour problems.

Next year’s statistics may get us better media coverage though.

Steven Bate

Ashfield Road


Sugar ray robinson

Visited my stall

How nice to see ‘Sugar Ray’s’ photograph in The Gazette (Gazette’s Lost Archives, Friday, June 14).

He really was the best all-round fighter, pound for pound, and still had something to show at turned 40 years as proved in his three round exhibition.

Laurie Lewis, the promoter, was a friend of mine, and actually brought the great Sugar Ray to meet me on my rock stall on the Golden Mile, as my photo shows.

I made him up a bag of rock and he was quite happy.

I agree with you, he didn’t just walk, he seemed to glide, certainly the greatest. We’ll never see his like again.

It is really upsetting to hear someone like him finished 
up penniless.

Dominic Casey

Falmouth Road


Schools merger

Leave well alone

A lot of people in Bispham don’t want Collegiate and Bispham High School to merge.

Has Coun Sarah Riding given one thought to how dangerous it would be for these other children to walk all that way through all sorts of traffic and the stress it would cause them?

They would have to cross busy roads with no-one to help them.

Please let Bispham High School get on with the 
wonderful work they have done with their pupils.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road

Charlie petition

Please get signing

I would like to thank Blackpool Council for setting up an e- petition relating to the Charlie Cairoli issue and I would urge others to sign it on the council’s website as soon as possible.

I have checked the website today and the numbers are a little disappointing so come on all of you who enjoyed Charlie in the circus ring, push for some proper recognition for this great clown.

Barry Birch