Letters - June 18, 2015

Photo Neil Cross'The anti-fracking protest at County Hall, Preston
Photo Neil Cross'The anti-fracking protest at County Hall, Preston
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Who is to blame if drilling goes wrong?

I have tried to read many articles regarding fracking from both sides, to gain a balanced view before sending in my views.

The diversion tactic by Cuadrilla that continually tries to argue the sole reason local people are against this is due to traffic congestion and noise, rather than also commenting on the potential detriment impacts from what they are planning to do to the earth, had started to sway me towards anti-fracking.

However, my personal choice has now been made after reading a book by Naomi Klein, called This Changes Everything. It highlights the choices mankind has to make between capitalism growth sourced by big business and fossil fuels, and their view we have unlimited resources in the earth and extracting everything will have no detrimental impact on the planet and its people, versus climate change. It discusses the real impacts it is having all over the world, but not being reported by the mainstream media, and the legacy this generation will leave for our children and grandchildren.

In conclusion, I am now totally on the side of the anti-fracking party.

As a further point, I wondered what is the position regarding liabilities if over time people’s ill health is proven as a direct result of fracking, as is the case in the US today, and all the individuals on the council committee that are supporting fracking today? Do they become liable, or LCC in general, or Cuadrilla or the Government, or no one, and the councils just say ‘Sorry we got that one wrong.’?

Recent history has proved, whenever there is a problem, no one is ever accountable. Maybe Lancashire could lead the way and get named individuals within named companies to state those organisations will underwrite all liabilities if they are so confident. But, should there ever be a need when farming is lost, the drinking water is contaminated, tremors do happen and cause damage to property, who do we sue please? Can we be made aware before this is passed, and all the councillors have retired in luxury?

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The state of your streets puts me off

On Saturday, June 6, my son and I decided to come to Blackpool to shop.

He parked on Central Drive car park and we started to walk. We got as far as Coral Island when I found out how hard and uneven your pavements are.

I was helped up by my son and three ladies.

I have two “lovely black eyes” and was very shocked. I would have thought the pavement to the shops would, and should, have been in good order and repair.

I would like to thank the ladies who helped my son pick me up, and the gentleman who provided me with a chair.

I think it will be quite a while before I shop in Blackpool.

MA Barnes

Dobson Avenue, St Annes


Careless parking can cause injury

Lancashire County Council is finally renewing the pavement on Fleetwood Road North, Thornton.

It was in such a bad state that when it rained there were large puddles. The problems are being caused by heavy vehicles parking on the pavement to use the local shops .

Why do we have to put up with unsafe pavements when all it needs is for vehicles to be parked correctly. When the current work is complete, if nothing is done then the same damage will result.

The solution is for the council to either enforce penalty notices to cover the cost of repairs or to construct the pavements to the same standard as the road to withstand the weight, otherwise it is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

In a recent letter to the Gazette, an elderly lady had to go to hospital after suffering a fall on cracked pavements in Thornton. These old flagged pavements are broken and lifting also due to cars parking off the road. The local council needs to decide its policy about off-road parking, ensure its enforcement, and consider the needs of pedestrians, particularly the elderly and disabled, who use the pavements to go about their daily business.

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Abandoned pets will benefit from cash

I would like to thank everyone for their kind donations when we held our street collection in St Annes on Saturday, June 13 on behalf of Prevent Unwanted Pets.

We raised the really good sum of £76.92, which will be put to good use helping animals in need.

Here at Prevent Unwanted Pets, we are all volunteers for a very small charity, and we do not take any money or expenses and we do not receive payments for our work.

Best wishes and thanks again.

Kathy M Pate

Prevent Unwanted Pets, Fleetwood


Thanks to all who helped raise funds

On behalf of everyone at Blackpool Lifeboat Station we would like to say a very big thank-you to management, staff and customers at Booth’s store on Highfield Road who helped raise £210.71 at a recent collection in the store.

It is greatly appreciated.

Christine Parry

Secretary, Blackpool Lifeboat